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  2. Four amazing vegan desserts and where to find them
Four amazing vegan desserts and where to find them

Four amazing vegan desserts and where to find them

If there's one food trend that we're seeing everywhere right now, it's veganism. Experiencing a 350 percent surge in popularity in the last decade alone, plant-based diets are more prevalent today than ever before, and there are numerous reasons for this.

In part, lots of millennials are adopting them for moral reasons, but that's not all that's driving this food revolution. A vegan diet can actually be super healthy, economical, and tasty too, which is why plenty of people are seeing the benefits and giving it a go.

But one thing that's still putting people off is the thought of going without dairy; forsaking not just milk and cheese, but chocolate, and lots of other dessert-based deliciousness. Oh, how ill-founded such fears are! With some amazing vegan desserts right here in the heart of London, we're going to show you exactly where to go to get your sugar fix…

1. The Hungry Donkey's Cocoa Cake

Hungry Donkey in Aldgate specialises in serving up authentic Greek food, and all of its cuisine is unanimously amazing. Although meat eaters are catered for too, it doesn't like to leave vegans out and has whole sections of its menu dedicated to those who want to avoid animal-based products, including one particularly delicious dessert, the Cocoa Cake. Dairy- and egg-free, this take on chocolate cake is made with extra virgin olive oil for a lip-licking good eating experience.    

2. By Chloe's Sticky Toffee Pudding

Committed to offering Londoners plenty of vegan-friendly culinary goodness, By Chloe has a menu that's filled to overflowing with delicious and wholesome plant-based foods, including their scrumptious Sticky Toffee Pudding. Finished with a hefty dose of coconut whipped cream, this delicious dessert has just as much flavoursome fabulousness as the original, and will definitely have you calling for seconds.    

3. 222 Veggie Vegan's Raw Chocolate Torte

You might think that the thing you'd miss most as a vegan is a nice, juicy steak, but for us, the worst part would be giving up chocolate – well, unless we had 222 Veggie Vegan's Raw Chocolate Torte to fill the gap. This excellent plant-based eatery serves up some seriously beautiful food, with a whole dessert menu for you to pick from. Our particular favourite is the torte, but we also have a soft spot for the Tofu Cheesecake too!

4. Essential Vegan's Crunchy Almond Cake

Lots of people imagine that a vegan diet must necessarily be very same-ish, but what they fail to realise is that it actually leaves plenty of options open to you. In fact, we think that, if anything, you're likely to be a bit more experimental after making such an extreme change to your eating habits, which is why you simply have to try as many vegan desserts as you can, right? Better add Essential Vegan's Crunchy Almond Cake to the list then! A slice of moist chocolate and almond sponge cake, layered and coated in a dark chocolate, it really is destined to delight.  

Which one will you choose to order first? If you're anything like us, the answer will be all of them, so make sure you save some serious space in your belly!

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