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The Tofu Burger and Other Tasty London Vegan Treats

Why the tofu burger’s not the only vegan treat in town

Things are looking up for vegans these days. More and more vegetarian restaurants are going that extra mile and adding items to their menus that are meat- and dairy-free. And the even better news is, they don't all have to be just tofu either. Because, delicious as it may be, it certainly isn't a fundamental feature of every meal. Take vegan burgers for example. There are plenty of alternatives to the tofu burger these days that are packed with flavour, come with amazing toppings and are even more delicious than the meat alternatives. So join us as we take you on a quick tour of some of London's most outstanding burgers from five of the capital's very best vegan restaurants.

1. Burger Number 1, The Vegan Alternative

Let's get things going with a Burger Number One from The Vegan Alternative. After all, it seems like the logical choice. They say they've brought their A-game vegan patty to this one and who are we to disagree? Especially when it's paired with tomatoes slow roasted to bring out their fruity sweetness, slaw, crispy onion rings and mustard mayo. Number One by name, Number One by nature.

2. The Other Roadman, Yeah! Burger

For number 2 it's The Other Roadman from Yeah! Burger. They've taken tofu's versatility and run with it, adding a spicy nut butter whose dramatic flavour is what tofu and all its absorbent properties were made for. The addition of pickles and a sourdough encasement hark back to the traditional meat burger, but this one's wholly animal product free and is, quite frankly, the dictionary definition of a taste sensation.

3. The Guac Burger, By Chloe

We defy anyone, carnivores as well as vegans, not to love the Guac Burger from By Chloe. It's a tantalising coming together of a black bean, quinoa and sweet potato patty, corn salsa, onion, guacamole, tortilla strips and chipotle aioli all served in a wholegrain bun. To say it's a taste sensation would be to sell it seriously short. To discover exactly how short, you'll just have to try it for yourself.

4. Mock Chicken Burger, Mildred's

It doesn't all have to be beef-style vegan burgers, either. Take this Mock Chicken Burger from London veggie landmark Mildred's for example. The patty's served in a soft and sweet brioche bun with iceberg lettuce, garlic aioli, tomatoes and red onions with a serving of their famous fries on the side. Fancy an alternative? Then their Polish Burger with a beetroot and soya mix patty makes for a very colourful choice.

5. The Big Poppa Burger, Vegan King Burger

Let's end on the big one, The Big Poppa from Vegan King Burger to be precise. It's a huge patty made from spelt pasta vegan mince that's joined by lettuce, gherkins, onions and tomatoes. In fact, it's such a handful that we're going to say it's the daddy of them all!

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