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Almonds Are The Answer To The Latest Vegan Healthy-Eating Trends

Looking For The Ultimate In Healthy Eating Trends? Step Forward Almonds!

Spring's on its way and it's time for the humble almond to have its moment in the sun. Why? Because they're nuts and have so much going for them, in so many ways. They taste delicious. Delicate but distinctive, they add more than a certain something to any dish that includes them. They're good for you in more ways than you can imagine and that's why they're an essential ingredient in healthy eating trends. They're packed with fibre and protein, not to mention antioxidants and vitamin E. One study even found that they can break down bad cholesterol in your body. But enough about the science, how can you make sure you're getting some in your veggie takeaways?

1. Chia Pudding With Berry Compote And Almonds - KIN

It might be a cliché, but breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, especially when it's as good for you as this vegan beauty from KIN. Not only does it star a beautifully light pudding, rich with health-enhancing chia seeds, there's a great dose of vitamins from the sweet berry compote. Almonds add the crunch and there's sliced banana too. It all adds up to a true breakfast of champions.

2. Acai Breakfast Bowl - Portobello Juice Café

Not only is this breakfast kickstarter from Portobello Juice Café made with almond milk to make it 100% vegan-friendly, it also crams in the amazing superfood, acai berries. And that's just the start of the great things that it contains. So, deep breath... there are also blueberries, strawberries, bananas, honey, manuka granola and even a generous sprinkling of bee pollen for good measure. Talk about a breakfast to set you up for a busy day! If you fancy an even more exotic alternative they also do a version starring the dramatic dragon fruit instead.

3. Superhero Shake - Redemption

Here's another great use of almond milk in a protein-bomb of a treat from Redemption. It's called the Superhero because you'll feel like you can take on the world once you've downed it. With banana, blueberries, two kinds of seeds – hemp and chia – not to mention cacao powder and date syrup, it's one big shake. Or, if you'd like to try one with coconut milk instead, then their Bombay Love with turmeric root, lemon and ginger also takes quite some beating!

4. Falafalo Soldier - Pure

You're a vegan and the tofu treats are good, but you're looking for a little variation from the standard fare usually served up for you. Well, this offering from Pure could have it all wrapped up – pun intended. It's a fantastic wrap that's positively bursting with flavours and textures. As you could probably guess, falafel is the protagonist with hummus, Pure's trademark slaw and plenty of crunchy toasted almond flakes as the supporting acts inside the wheat bran flatbread. But what pulls the whole thing together is the special 'Grandma's dressing'. We sure would like the recipe, but then why bother when Deliveroo can bring it to you hassle-free?

If you think that almonds are more than just a bit of alright then let Deliveroo bring all these dishes to your door.

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