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For the Toasties With the Mosties, You’ve Come to the Right Place

We’d Like To Propose A Toast To Some Of The Finest Toasties In Town

What do you do when you want more than a sandwich but don't have time for a full meal? Simple, you order a toastie. It's the perfect combination of quick snack and hot treat and the softly oozing cheese makes it very comforting as well.

If you're wondering what kind of toastie to have then it could be time to push the envelope and get a bit more adventurous than the standard ham and cheese. It's not as if you're short of choice either, with lots of American takeaways offering their own particular take on the toastie. So go for it and you'll never look back!

1. Rajun Cajun - Northern Soul Grilled Cheese

If spice is your thing, then a great place to start would be at Northern Soul Grilled Cheese, with their Rajun Cajun. They pride themselves as UK's very first gourmet grilled cheese restaurant and at the heart of all their toasties is The Soul. This is a secret three cheese mix, and when you take the RC option it's joined by chicken, streaky bacon and tomato. The finishing touch is their special cajunnaise spiced with the punchy flavours of the Louisiana bayou.

2. Chicken, Spinach and Mozzarella - The Panini Press

Mozzarella is the cheese of choice in this little beauty from The Panini Press. After all, it works brilliantly on a pizza so it's also the natural partner to a panini. Here it's joined by succulent strips of chicken breast as well as plenty of fresh spinach. For the finishing touch, beautifully ripe sundried tomatoes are added to the mix with absolutely stunning results. Of course, it's not all that this restaurant has got going on in the melt stakes. Their Tuna and Rosemary has to be tasted to believed, while the Chorizo, Salami and Jalapeno is also sure to put a real spring in your step.

3. Pastrami Melt - Melt Room

There's a real New York feel to the Melt Room, so the obvious choice to make here is their Pastrami Melt – which has been given a distinctly British twist. That comes from the fiery horseradish that's added to the blend of red leicester and mature cheddar cheese. There are also heaps of mushrooms added for good measure and it's all served between two slices of artisan bread. As they say themselves, "it never melt so good."

4. Haggis and Bacon - Melt

If you only ever have haggis on Burns' Night or New Year's Eve, you're certainly missing a trick as this little treat from Melt will prove. It's served on the very best sourdough and features the most refined haggis and perfectly cured bacon. Combined with their special trio of cheeses, it's a richly indulgent way to sample some classic Scottish cuisine. If you fancy even more of a challenge then you could consider switching up to The Bruiser. This adds macaroni cheese into the mix to create what can only be described as the ultimate hunger buster.

Terrific toasties that see hunger just melt away, all brought to you by Deliveroo.

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