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  2. Discover the UK’s most delicious dogs made that are veggie friendly
Four heavenly veggie hot dogs around the UK

Discover the UK’s most delicious dogs made that are veggie friendly

Who doesn't love a hot dog? Especially now there's been a nationwide revolution that's seen this old favourite transformed into a gourmet treat. And it's not just the meaty varieties that have been emerging as best of breed, there are plenty of glorious veggie versions too. So whether you're in London or Leeds, Glasgow or Gloucester, there are plenty of American takeaways taking their dogs for a walk on the veggie side of the street.

1. Big V Dog - The Diner

Down At The Diner, they like to keep things plain and simple and that's why the veggie star of their dog menu is just called the Big V. So if you're looking for a really hearty meat-free blowout this is the one for you. It's a straight-up veggie hot dog served simply with ketchup and American-style mustard in a soft, white sub. If you want to take fries with it (and who wouldn't?) then you'll be spoilt for choice with straight-up, Cajun-seasoned and even sweet potato versions all on the menu.

2. The Garden State - Primo's

They call New Jersey 'The Garden State' but down at Primo's, it's also their premium veggie dog. It's a tofu frankfurter served in a straight white. So far, so great - but the fun really starts when you begin to add your choice of three vegetarian toppings. Are you going to go for the classic caramelised onions or maybe a serving of spicy jalapeno slaw? Then there's Monterey Jack cheese, a range of tangy pickles or their very own Pico Salsa. Decisions, decisions, decisions...

3. Hello Houmous - Not Dogs

The veggie dog is the speciality of the house down at Not Dogs so you certainly won't be short of choice. But the one we've gone for is one of the more unusual that you'll find. There's a distinctly Middle Eastern vibe to this 8 inch meat-free frank that comes generously smothered in hummus with roasted red peppers and smoky paprika. As it comes, it's a vegetarian dog but it just takes a quick word in Not Dogs' ear and they'll happily transform it into a vegan treat for you instead.

4. The Coney Island - Yeah! Burger and Grill

You'll have all the thrills of riding one of the roller coasters at New York's legendary amusement park when you sink your teeth into this top dog from Yeah! Burger and Grill. They've searched far and wide to source the tastiest vegan frank and they pair it with ketchup, mustard and crispy onions so you're guaranteed a treat. They've even pushed the boat out when it comes to the roll so it's served in a sourdough baguette. In fact, there's only one thing you can say to a dog this good  - and that's "Here boy!"

Veggie dogs are the hot new food trend right now and Deliveroo can't wait to walk one right to your door.

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