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  2. Sweet Treats With A Savoury Edge. That’s The American Style
For Sweet Meets Savoury, American Style is the Way to Go

Sweet Treats With A Savoury Edge. That’s The American Style

They say that opposites attract. That's certainly the philosophy behind all the dishes we're lining up for you here, from the finest US-inspired restaurants. In true American style, they're high-calorie combinations of the sublimely savoury and the sweetest of the sweet. There are burgers, breakfasts and cakes and they're all waiting to unleash taste sensations on your tongue. Sounds crazy? Well it does till you try any of them yourself. Then you'll see that there really is method in the madness.

1. Belgian Waffle Burger - Rub Smokehouse

There are quite a few American takeaways in Newcastle to choose from but the Rub Smokehouse really is out on its own when it comes to looking at true Man (or woman) v. Food challenges. They call the range #EpicFood and when you see one of its star attractions it's easy to see why. The Belgian Waffle Burger is a pure beef burger slammed between one of the most unusual sorts of "buns" you'll ever see. So is it a breakfast, a main meal or a dessert? It's hard to say but one thing's for sure: those waffles do sure make it an awfully tasty treat any time of day.

2. Krispy Kreme Burger - Bagel & Burger Kitchen

The Bagel & Burger Kitchen is another place where they've been getting extra creative with the menu in a distinctly American style. The result is a treat that would undoubtedly rocket to No.1 in Homer Simpson's all time food top ten. They've taken a juicy beef patty, topped it with their own spicy relish and anointed it with American cheese. Then, to cap it all, it's delicately placed within a glazed Krispy Kreme doughnut. It's a fantastic combination that will have you counting the days till you can enjoy your next one. Plus, good news for veggies, there's a special spicy bean burger version too.

3. Bacon Stack with Egg - Café Rita

Café Rita have also looked across the Atlantic and come up with their very own version of a Stateside classic. In fact it's probably the best known of the nation's sweet and savoury mash-ups and a perennial breakfast favourite. It all starts with a large stack of Scottish pancakes. Then there's the addition of prime smoked back bacon and, naturally, a good drizzling of 100% pure maple syrup. It's all topped off with a freshly fried egg. So you just have to decide whether you'd prefer it sunny side up or over easy. Then, let the breakfast blowout begin.

4. Mile High Chocolate Salted Caramel Cake - Hummingbird Bakery

Salted caramel has been having quite a moment recently as another of those contrasting flavour combinations. Thanks to the sterling work of Hummingbird Bakery it's a moment that's set to continue for good a while. They equate sampling this beauty to joining the mile high club and after one taste you'll soon see why. There are six decadent layers of rich, sweet chocolate sponge sandwiched with intensely salted golden caramel. Then it's covered with chocolate frosting and caramel curls to create a positively sinful slice of pure cakelicious heaven!

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