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  2. Here’s How To Make St Patrick's Day 2018 One You’ll Never Forget
The Countdown’s Started For An Epic St Patrick's Day 2018

Here’s How To Make St Patrick's Day 2018 One You’ll Never Forget

We're digging out our "Kiss me, I'm Irish" hats. We're putting together all the green clothes we can find in our wardrobes. The invitations are out for all our mates to join us for St. Patrick's Day 2018. But you might still need to sort food and drink for the day. Never fear, Deliveroo is here with a great selection for you from main course to dessert. Everything's been hand picked because there's a uniquely Irish element to it, not to mention because it tastes amazing too. So go on and get ready. This is going to be a St Paddy's Day that'll go down in history as one of your best ever.

1. Baileys Truffle Delights - Treat Kitchen

We don't know if St Patrick had a sweet tooth but if he did then these would surely have been on his shopping list for March 17th! Brought to you by the famous Treat Kitchen they really are a gourmet treat from a confectioner at the top of their game. The secret lies in the deliciously creamy centre. And of course these luxurious truffles have a good slug of Baileys, everyone's favourite Irish liqueur. Treat Kitchen then add fine Belgian chocolate and dust it all with cocoa powder to create six little taste bombs to share with your mates.

2. Toblerone Hardshake - The Advisory

If you're looking for a different kind of dessert for the big day then may we recommend this little beauty all the way from The Advisory? They've certainly shaken up the shake as well as giving it an international, not just Irish, flavour. How? Well let's start with the nutty, almondy Toblerone chocolate from Switzerland. Then there's the Kahlua coffee liqueur brought to you from down Mexico way. Finally, and most importantly, there's our old friend Baileys again adding a creamy and luxurious richness to the shake. The result is what can only be described as "good craic".

3. Sausages and Colcannon Mash - Mother Mash

With all the Guinness that's sure to be flowing on the big day you'd better also have some substantial grub to keep you going. But fear not, we've found the perfect dish for you from Mother Mash with more than just a hint of the old country about it. Star of the show is the classic Colcannon mash. This creamy combo of Irish spuds, greens, spring onions and lashings of butter is the ultimate in comfort food. Then, when you add your choice of Oxford or pork and leek sausages with farmer's gravy, you're talking serious satisfaction.

4. Irish Coffee - Kensington Creperie

When the energy begins to flag and you need a bit of a pick-me-up trust Kensington Creperie to come to the rescue with their sublime Irish coffee. It's the classic marriage of rich, dark coffee enlivened by a good slug of Irish whiskey and topped with a luxuriant layer of cream. If that doesn't bring on your second wind and a few more verses of When Irish Eyes Are Smiling we don't know what will!

It just wouldn't be St Patrick's day without Deliveroo to help things along. So make sure to get in touch.

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