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Spring into Action – Enjoy Some of the Best Salads in London

Celebrate Spring With Some Of The Best Salads In London

It's getting round to that time of year when we can forget about all those soups, stews and curries that have given us so much comfort through the long winter months. Now's when our thoughts can turn to less meaty, more veggie-based eating options. Salads, in particular, are coming onto the radar and bringing the fresh tastes of Spring along with them. Choose the right ones and you'll taste the sunshine in every mouthful. So even if the weather might not be quite as warm as we'd like it to be just yet at least we can start to eat healthy, getting ready for when it is. And we're here to help! Here are some of the best salads in London for your indulgence.

1. Daylesford Slaw - Daylesford Organic

Let's kick things off with one of the finest slaws you're ever likely to come across, courtesy of Daylesford Organic. It's positively packed with crunchy goodness to give you a real energy boost. Try it for yourself and you'll discover a list of ingredients that's certain to delight with cabbage, carrot, beetroot and spicy roasted cashew nuts. The ginger, soy and chilli dressing adds a spicy kick and the whole dish is a crunchy treat. Plus, every day Daylesford Organic gets deliveries from their own farm down in Gloucestershire so you know their slaw simply can't be fresher.

2. Coconut and Lime Quinoa - Simple Health Kitchen

Fancy including two superfoods in one super tasty salad bowl? Then make sure you check out the Coconut and Lime Quinoa from Simple Health Kitchen. They consider themselves pioneers in the capital's clean eating revolution and one taste of this salad's going to show you why. As well as the headline ingredients of creamy coconut, zesty lime and energy-packed quinoa, there are also peppers and dates to add crunch and sweetness respectively. It's a dish that looks just as good as it tastes with a simply amazing range of flavours and textures in every forkful.

3. Awareness - Yeotown Kitchen

Positivity springs from everything that Yeotown Kitchen does, but with a name like that what else would you expect? They even name all their dishes after qualities they aim to promote and Awareness is no exception. It's all about being aware of the world around us so it stars smoked mackerel from sustainable sources, roasted sweet potatoes, cucumber and croutons. Packed with life-enhancing omega oils and big flavours, it's certain to satisfy. And because mindfulness is also big at Yeotown this is definitely one to be slowly savoured.

4. Vitality Box - Crussh

Again, the name says it all with this energy-packed salad brought to you by Crussh. Open up the Vitality box and you'll find falafel, hummus, aubergine tapenade, quinoa, chickpeas, pomegranate, mint and toasted almonds. These are sure to give you all the get-up-and-go you could possibly need to take on even the most challenging day, with superfoods aplenty in the mix.

Say "so long" to winter with this fantastic array of Spring salads, brought to you by Deliveroo.

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