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  2. No fries with that! - The best side dishes in Glasgow
No Fries with That - The Best Side Dishes in Glasgow

No fries with that! - The best side dishes in Glasgow

Once upon a time, the only side dish we expected to get with a meal was a portion of humble chips, but it's 2017 and this has all changed. Sure, everyone loves fries, but why not diversify and experience the world of side dishes that are so much more satisfying? Let's look at some of the best side dishes in Glasgow.

1. Mac and Cheese Chorizo Poppers

Add some cheesy goodness to your meal with these Mac and Cheese Chorizo Poppers from Ketchup. These deep-fried balls of macaroni cheese are the guilty pleasure food your taste buds have been looking for and are the perfect accompaniment to your burger. The chive sour cream dip that comes with them is the perfect pairing, and you'll be wondering how you ever did without them in your life.

Where: Ketchup, Ashton Lane, Glasgow.

2. Double Dipped Dough Balls

Sweet or savoury? No matter how you prefer them, dough balls are an almighty snack. Biting into these soft, warm, tasty dough balls from Frankie and Benny's will make you melt into your seat as they are the perfect comfort food to pair with any meal. They are served with yummy garlic and herb and spicy cheese dips which are both so good it'll be hard to decide which is your favourite!

Where: Frankie and Benny's, The Quay, Glasgow.

3. Poutine

This Canadian classic is served at the TriBeCa Bar and Grill, and boy, is it just what the doctor ordered. Sure, they fall into the French fry category, but they are so much more than that. These fries are covered in gravy and cheese curds and you have a choice between a pulled pork or chilli topping to make them the King of Fries. They taste so good it's a wonder how they haven't become a staple of all British restaurants.

Where: TriBeCa Bar and Grill, Bell Street, Glasgow.

4. Haggis Bites

We couldn't very well have a list of the best sides in Glasgow without including these delicious Haggis Bites from Steak and Cherry. These are deep-fried balls of haggis-y goodness and are a great take on a Scottish classic. They are served with fresh leaves and, to make it even more Scottish, they even come with a tasty whiskey sauce to dip them in. These melt-in-the-mouth bite-sized beauties are the perfect addition to any meal.

Where: Steak and Cherry, Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow.

So, now it's time to say goodbye to french fries and pave the way for these tasty treats which are now taking over side dishes everywhere. Liven up your mealtimes with some of the best side dishes in the city and you won't be disappointed.

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