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4 Best Seafood Restaurants In Brighton

Oh We Do Like To Eat Beside The Brighton Seaside!

Seafood always tastes better beside the actual seaside, doesn't it? Well in Brighton at least, that's true. Working well in a range of cuisines from classic British through to Italian takeaway, there's so many ways you can make it work for you. Picture it: the cold nights won't be around forever, soon enough you'll be sitting on the waterfront with some fresh fish and chips and perhaps a cheeky glass of wine in hand. In the meantime you can order it in, to enjoy in the warmth of your own home. So, if you're looking for a good seafood restaurant in Brighton, you really don't have to go far!

1. Waterfront Brasserie – Salmon Steak

If you're looking for a little bit of a treat, salmon steak from Waterfront Brasserie will really hit the spot. The fillet is pan-roasted for ultimate flavour and served up with a creamy leek sauce. If you've had a lot of salmon before, you'll know that pairing couldn't be any more perfect. Rich, oily fish like this tends to be incredibly good for your health, so you're not only doing your taste buds a favour, but your whole self. Oh, and it goes especially well with full-bodied white wine, so do with that information what you will...

2. Bardsley's of Baker St. – Cod & Chips

Ah, a classic. Is there anything more quintessentially British than a good old helping of fish and chips? We don't think so. Bardsley's of Baker St. sees the demand and delivers the goods and we love their selection. Choose from haddock, plaice and even sea bass, all battered and served with proper chippy chips. If we're keeping things traditional though, we go for cod. There's nothing quite like it!

3. Gars – Salt & Chilli Squid

Gars Chinese delivers Western-style Chinese food and what does Chinese food do best? Well... a lot of things, actually – but one of them is seafood! Salt and chilli provides the perfect seasoning for this fresh-off-the-boat squid, so we think you're really going to like it. Why not see for yourself?

4. Steki Taverna – Sea Bass

Everyone loves Greek food, right? Well, the Greeks certainly do and it keeps them strong, healthy and living longer. Luckily (or unluckily, depending on how you see it), you don't have to go to Greece to visit Steki Taverna, but you do still get to enjoy the same fresh tastes of the Med. Sea Bass is a true classic and this one's served whole, straight from the grill. As if it wasn't already packed to the brim with flavour, it comes drizzled in olive oil and lemon juice, served up with salad.

Brighton is famous for its seaside, so it's no surprise that its seafood is iconic, too. Find out for yourself on Deliveroo.

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