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4 Of The Best Indian Food And Asian Seafood Options In Manchester

See This Food? It's The Best Asian Seafood In Manchester!

Let's face it – Asian food is incredible, diverse and amazing enough, but when you add seafood into the mix, it can get even more interesting. The best Indian food in Manchester is known for featuring seafood-heavy curries and it's not alone. While Indian takeaways are hugely popular across the city (just think of the famous Curry Mile), plenty of other types of Asian food have got a knack for it, too. Thai food, for example, is famous for its use of prawns and plenty of restaurants are bringing a delicious taste of the Thai coast to willing diners in Manchester. These curries are delicious and whatever your prawny preference, we've gathered a list of just a few of the best Asian seafood curries in Manchester – for your indulgence.

1. Swadesh – Prawn Malabar Chemmeen Curry

It's creamy, it's spicy and it's herby, all at the same time. It could only be the prawn Malabar Chemmeen curry from Swadesh. King prawns are simmered in coconut milk and ground spices in this fabulous creation, finished up with mustard and curry leaves for added flavour. This true taste of the ocean is fabulous and seafood lovers Manchester-wide are devouring it by the hot and steamy bowl!

2. Asha's – Prawn Masala

Let's take the spice notch up a level, shall we? Indian food lovers should be no stranger to the Masala, and Asha's is no stranger to getting it right. Their prawn Masala involves tomatoes, onions and red chillies in a highly rich sauce. Just be warned... it's got a kick to it! But we're confident you can handle it and boy is it worth it for the taste sensation from this delicious dish. So grab the yoghurt and mint sauce and dive in.

3. Tampopo – Laksa Soup

If you want something with a little bit of everything, you've come to the right place. Or should that be, the right place is coming to you? Tampopo have absolutely nailed this yellow noodle dish. You want prawns, you've got them. Add chicken and squid, too. When you toss these three winning items in a fiery coconut broth, with mint, cucumber, red onion, tofu and lime, you really can't go wrong. It's. So. Amazing!

4. Chaophraya – Thai Red Prawn Curry

Everyone loves a good Thai red curry, right? Well, regardless - you'll fall in love with this one of the prawn variety from Chaophraya. The restaurant brings up-market Thai food to its Manchester audience and we guarantee you'll love that it's so fresh and fragrant. Enjoy king prawns cooked with red curry paste in coconut milk and accompanied by pineapple, courgette and plenty of herbs and veg. You call yourself a seafood fan? You ain't seen nothin' until you've had a lick of this.

If you've got a classic case of that seafood diet – you know, where you see food, and you eat it? – we at Deliveroo are fully supportive and can bring it right to your door!

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