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Try These Amazing Sarnies Packed With The Best Roasts

Some Of The Best Roasts Aren’t Served On A Plate. They Come In A Sarnie!

What's the best thing about Sundays? The Archers omnibus? The Antiques Roadshow? Having to fit in all your shopping between 10 and 4? No, undoubtedly the best thing about the so-called day of rest is the good old Sunday roast.

But what if you just can't wait for Sunday to come around to feast on meat, roasties and veg? Simple, order a sandwich with Sunday roast playing a starring role. If you're wondering where to get one from, you'll be surprised. Even some American takeaways do a pretty good version of something you might think is traditionally British. So dig in and don't forget the gravy!

1. Porchetta - Kracklin

Let's start off with a cracker from Kracklin. They pride themselves on bringing you "the next level roast meat and bread" and there's no finer example of this than their Porchetta sandwich. It's one of their best sellers, thanks to the slow-roasted pork seasoned with aromatic herbs and spices, covered in salsa verde and served in a ciabatta roll. Naturally, there's also a good serving of crispy crackling on the side. For even more eating pleasure, add a side order of poutine. This is a flavourful combination of chips, cheese curd and gravy. Believe us, it works.

2. Rare Beef Ciabatta - Super Deli Sandwich

You just can't beat the roast beef of old England, even if it's given a distinctly American deli-style twist by the guys down at Super Deli Sandwich. Again, it's served on a ciabatta roll that could have come straight out of Little Italy, but the filling couldn't be more British. The beef is roasted to rare, pink perfection and it's served not just with fiery horseradish sauce but with gravy too. Plus, if you want to elevate it to a high tea staple, add their crunchy fries.

3. Chicken Club Sandwich - Olive and Rye

Ask a dozen people which is their absolute number 1 roast and we reckon a big proportion would say chicken. There's something about it that transcends other meats – maybe it's the aroma of it cooking or the crispy skin that's such a treat. At Olive and Rye, they've captured the very essence of this pleasure in their Chicken Club Sandwich. Thyme-roasted chicken breast is partnered with fried egg, lettuce and bacon to create a sensational-tasting sandwich that's sure to satisfy.  

4. Ham And Cheese Meal - Darcey's


Roast ham may be one of the more unusual Sunday treats but the way that they serve it down at Darcey's certainly merits a mention. The ham itself is the prime honey-roast variety with a rich sweetness all of its own. It's thick cut and served with their own special blend of mature cheddar and other cheeses before being tantalisingly and meltingly, toasted. Plus, because it's a meal deal, it also comes with potato wedges and your choice of drink. Who could ask for anything more?

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