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The Best Ramen Restaurants in London

The best ramen in London: 5 of our favourites

The humble bowl of ramen, what can we say that hasn't been said already? Nourishing, simple and heaped with flavour, ramen has become something of an ambassador for the Japanese culinary scene. And let's be honest, it's making an excellent impression. Noodles, broth, seasoning and topping, that's all you need for the perfect bowl. But there's so much more to it than that. Take a look at five of London's finest ramen restaurants that deliver right to your door:

Bone Daddies

We're starting out with one of the big guns. Bone Daddies has established itself as one of the staples of London's ramen scene. In the capable hands of Ross Shonhan, one of the top ramen chefs in the capital, the simple bowl of noodles takes on a life of its own. Our standout choice is the soy ramen, a creamy mix of chashu pork belly, Tokyo wavy noodles, nori, mizuna, mushroom and onion all wrapped up in a big and bold chicken bone broth. Talk about ramen done right.


Having been recommended in the Michelin guide for the past three years, Shoryu must be doing something right. Maybe it's their thick pork soup which takes over 12 hours to make. Maybe it's their intense and fragrant tonkotsu, a bit of a rarity outside of Japan. Or maybe it's just the sucker punch of flavour that comes from every single mouthful. Specialising in ramen from the Hakata district of Fukuoka, located on the island of Kyushu, Shoryu is one of the best ramen joints in the capital.


You'll never guess what Tonkotsu serves. That's right, tonkotsu-style ramen straight outta Kyushu. We like a restaurant that knows its business. No frills, no fuss, just good honest ramen that really captures the essence of what this cuisine is all about. Go for the chilli chicken ramen: classic homemade noodles on a sea salt and chicken stock base, topped off with pulled 'eat the bits' chilli chicken, bamboo shoots, mange tout, seasoned egg and spring onions. Need we say more?


Ramen with an international twist rules the roost at Nanban, an up-and-coming Japanese soul food restaurant situated right in the heart of Brixton. It's unconventional, but then again, there's nothing truly conventional about this delightful little spot run by Tim Anderson, the youngest ever winner of Masterchef. Featuring thick juicy noodles, pork belly, rich chilli-sesame pork broth and a tea-pickled egg, 'The Leopard' tsukemen is our absolute fave.

Dozo Sushi

More of an all-rounder, Dozo Sushi serves all the classics. Sashimi, sushi, maki, tempura, donburi – you name it, they've got it. Oh, and ramen. They also serve ramen. Spicy tantan tonkatsu ramen, Dozo seafood ramen, tori miso ramen, yaki udon ramen, zaru soba ramen, tempura ramen. Lots and lots of ramen. For a fine dining take on this rustic classic, Dozo Sushi is an inspired choice.

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