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  2. Five piping hot reasons why we love UK food
Five piping hot reasons why we love UK food

Five piping hot reasons why we love UK food

Ah, the British kitchen! Beans on toast, toad in the hole and the best pub food on the planet. Scrumptious. UK food is a savoury experience like no other, and whilst it might not have the best of reputations when pitted against its international peers, here at home there's a lot to get hungry about. From ingenious twists on old recipes to a classic paper bag of cod and chips, it's all absolutely delicious. Not convinced? Here are four reasons why we love the food of the home nations at Deliveroo, and why you should too.

1. It's Ridiculous – Ridiculously Good, That Is

You heard us! Prime example number one: the roast carvery sandwiches of The York Roast Co. Their unique take on traditional British chow offers up a mountain of mouth-watering options to any hungry customer. Who can say no to a bun of pork and shoulder crackling? British food is, ultimately, really properly very actually tasty, and just one bite of a sandwich from the York Roast Co. is all the proof you'll ever need. Also, they make a range of sandwiches entirely out of York puds. Just saying.    


2. It's Simple, It's Tasty, It's Savoury as Heck

The next step on the evolutionary ladder of the fish finger sandwich – behold, the Fish Finger Wrap from All Bar One. This stroke of genius is a hangover craving incarnate, with two breaded cod goujons wrapped up tight in the bread of a flour tortilla. Add chopped lettuce for texture and serve tartare sauce on the side. British food is, for the most part, pretty simple, and this dish is testament to that trend. Lightly seasoned, easy peasy - in my tummy please. What's not to like about fundamentally good scran?

3. It's Got a Strong Cultural Identity

Fish and Chips. Need we say more? British food, however you feel about it, has a distinct cultural identity and heritage. We've got grub unique entirely to ourselves, and we should all be damn proud about it. A Large Cod and Chips from a chippy like Pollocks is to Britain as the hamburger is to America. Battered, crisp, soggy inside. Delicious. Customise with gravy and or curry sauce as required.  

4. It's Meaty. Very Meaty. Mmmm. Meat

A mere cursory glance over the nation's menu is enough to convince any old soul that UK food is some of the meatiest there is, and here at Deliveroo we think that's a good thing (when products are ethically and responsibly produced, of course). Say hello to the Portobello 'Blue Cheese' Burger by Portobello Restaurant, Bar & Grill, our witness on the stand this fine day. Prime beef plants its feet on a soft white bun, smoked bacon wraps around its base and crisp onions scatter every crevice, nook and space. Just one bite and you'll be begging for more. What really makes this dish is the addition of the titular Dolcelatte blue cheese, however. Oh yeah. We Brits know our cheese and meat. We know our savoury, we know our pies, we know our sweet. It's a fine thing to be British!  

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