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Check Out Some of the Best Pub Food with These 5 Winners

The changing face of the very best pub food

There once was a time when the most you could hope for from pub food was a curled up cheese sandwich and a packet of pork scratchings. But fortunately, we've moved on from the age of pub grub and gone decidedly gastro. These days you can expect the best pub food to rival or even outdo the dishes you'll find in restaurants. So next time you fancy a lunchtime treat forget about heading for that American takeaway and check out one of these gourmet delights that may well be on offer from your local. Cheers!

1. A better kind of burger

Yes, we know the good old burger's long been a saloon bar staple but the way that they make it down at Bierrex Smoke & Tap means it's one of the greatest pub lunches Newcastle has to offer. In the signature Bierrex Burger, Irish beef patty is aged in a salt chamber and served with a good slice of mozzarella, smoked red pepper and watercress along with a side of chunky fries. Enjoy it with one of the amazing selection of craft ales and you'll be in burger heaven!

2. A healthier kind of Mexican

Parish Pub is a legendary music venue in Huddersfield and its menu really rocks too. The dishes are mainly Tex-Mex in origin and that usually means lots of meat! Not with their Lentil Chorizo Burrito, though. They recreate the spicy paprika sausage with lentils and their own secret blend of flavourings and serve it in a soft wrap with rice, beans and all sorts of other goodies. It's like having a full-on mariachi band on your tongue.

3. Get a pizza the action


When you're confronted by the 'Nduja Like It? pizza from The Stable in Bath there's just one answer and that's "Yes, yes, yes!" They take their own-recipe rich tomato sauce and top it with fresh field mushrooms and a hand-made 'Nduja sausage from Capreolus in nearby Dorset to create a pizza that's a true gourmet feast. For a healthier alternative, they also have a great selection of vegan pizzas – and you can't say that for many pubs.

4. A fantastic pie for summer

Chorizo of the meaty - as opposed to lentil - variety puts in an appearance with this tasty little treat from Birmingham's The Lord Clifden. The Chicken & Chorizo Pie is the sort that would be just perfect for a summer's day when you want fresh flavours along with a substantial lunch. The hand-cut chips and buttered green beans top it all off perfectly for pub grub you'll be singing about.

5. A super salad too

Gallop on down to The Four Horsemen if you want the sort of salad that's both seasonal and healthy - that's how pro this pub's cooking is! Their Falafel and Chutney salad is a heady mix of crunchy falafel, mixed leaves, onions, croutons, chutney and French dressing with a few olives sprinkled on top for good measure. It's a five-star falafel, and that's for sure.

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