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Great Dishes with Mash that Are Sure to Be a Smash with You

Potato Fans Everywhere Are Going To Love Our Latest Mash-up

The humble potato. Who'd have thought that a simple tuber would be so versatile and feature so prominently in all kinds of cuisines from Scottish to French and even Portuguese. Of course, it's also a staple of many American menus too, though mainly in the form of French fries. But here we're talking about it in its mashed form. For lots of us it's the absolute best way of serving it as a soft and welcoming accompaniment to everything from sausages to pies. It's comforting and filling so here are four amazing ways that you can enjoy it.

1. Haggis with Turnip, Honey and Thyme - Makars Gourmet Mash Bar

What could be a better partner for haggis than the traditional tatties and neeps? And here they're given a contemporary twist that even Rabbie Burns would appreciate. As well as the silky mash, there's also a rich and creamy sauce flavoured with a generous dram of whisky, peppercorns and grain mustard. And the haggis is well worth a mention too. Makars searched high and low for the finest variety they could find and chose local food hero A.J. Hornigs to be their proud provider.

2. Herb Mash Potato Truffles - White Horse

Here's a fine example of just how versatile mash can be, as well as what a great vehicle it is for other ingredients. For example, the way that the White Horse prepares their version helps it rise well above your common or garden variety to something of luscious beauty. Rich with butter and fresh herbs, these truffled spuds are the perfect accompaniment to a whole range of the Lebanese and other international dishes that you'll find on the rest of the menu. Or, for just a quick snack, they're equally delicious on their own.

3. Creamy Mash - Nando's

When you think about Nando's the focus is usually on the chicken in their legendary peri-peri sauce. But that's to overlook some side dishes good enough to match some of the very best you'll find. Like their creamy mash, for instance. It's velvety smooth and is just perfect if you want a milder accompaniment to your fiery chicken. If you're thinking of going all-in and having two sides then the minty and spicy Macho Peas partner up with it perfectly, too.

4. Cheesy mustard mash with Butternut Squash Pie - Mother Mash

How could we give you a rundown of mega mash dishes without including at least one pie? So here it is. And the even better news is that Mother Mash have come up with a true veggie treat. Not only is the mash enriched with mature cheddar cheese and wholegrain mustard, it also comes with a luscious butternut squash pie on the side. With the added tang of goat's cheese to perk up the filling even more, it's even served with lashings of vegetarian gravy seeping beautifully into pie crust and mash. Need we say more?

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