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Small Plates, Big Flavours: Best Places for Tapas

Small plates, big flavours: 5 of the best places to get tapas

There are few meals that are as much of an unforgettable dining experience as tapas. Vibrant dishes piled high make it easy to enjoy all your favourite things, as well as trying a few newbies. Traditionally a Spanish array of small delectable dishes enjoyed together, tapas is now a global affair, offering diverse delights from across the world. We've rounded up a few places to check out for your next tapas feast.

1. Laxeiro Tapas Bar

Laxeiro Tapas Bar stay close to their Spanish roots with their traditionally inspired menu. The eats you'll find here are the ones you'd see on dinner tables across Spain, so you know they're going to be great. For a really authentic feast, add some paella onto your tapas order. Go for the mixed version for rice, prawns, chorizo, squid, prawns and chicken, or opt for the seafood take for one with mussels, squid and prawns wrapped up in that trademark saffron-infused rice.

Where: Laxeiro Tapas Bar, London

2. Koh Thai Tapas

Enjoy the beauty and elegance of Asian cooking as the expert chefs at Koh Thai Tapas reimagine this classic Spanish concept. Bringing together the best of Asian cooking, with influences from China, Japan and Thailand, this is tapas with a twist.

For a vegetarian-friendly feast, opt for the Fried Tofu Sticks, Vegetable Tempura and Sweetcorn Cakes, where sweetcorn comes together with herbs and spices to make crunchy Thai-style fritters. If you're not going green, opt for a zingy combination of Prawn Tempura, the house favourite Thai Sliced Crispy Beef, and Thai fish cakes, where Grey Featherback and tiger prawns are minced and blended with Bangkok style spices.

Where: Koh Thai Tapas, various locations

3. Tapas Revolution

Sometimes the original is best, so for proper Spanish tapas look no further than Tapas Revolution. Classic hearty recipes are bursting with traditional flavours, cured meats and seafood.

Kick things off with some Chorizo Ibérico de Bellota, where the dry cured sausage is met with a smoked pimenton, before switching over to some croquetas stuffed with Ibérico ham and béchamel. Balance out the protein with some Patatas Bravas, roasted potatoes draped with a spicy tomato sauce and alioli.

Where: Tapas Revolution, locations in Birmingham and London

4. Tapasya

If you're craving a little more spice in your tapas, head over to Tapasya for a sizzling taste of India. Using classic techniques perfected throughout the generations, these guys rustle up impressive looking dishes full of spices and aromas that work on every sense.

Scallop Aur Calamari offers a taste of the Indian Ocean here on Humberside. Gently seared king scallops are served up with delicate curls of squid, seasoned with smoky mustard seeds aromatic curry leaves and sharp salty malt vinegar for a dish that hits all the right notes. If that's all a bit rich for you, add on a portion of veggie-friendly Hara Bhara Kebab, where a spinach, cashew nut and cottage cheese patty is met with yoghurt and onion duxelles.

Where: Tapasya, Hull

5. La Choza

Add some Mexican flair to your tapas feast with La Choza – specialists in slow cooked meats who bring the colours and spirit of Mexican street food to every dish. While their nachos make for a great sharing dish, we love pick and mixing their Shack Snacks.

You'll find everything from Calamari with a lime and chipotle mayo, spicy chicken wings, chargrilled corn and cream cheese stuffed jalapeños. Try their Chicharrones, Mexican pork scratching served up with a generous helping of guacamole.

Where: La Choza, Brighton

Whatever your idea of tapas heaven, you're sure to find something to love here on Deliveroo.

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