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Best Places That’ll Deliver To Notting Hill

8 of the best places that’ll deliver to Notting Hill

If you live in Notting Hill, you've hit the cosmopolitan jackpot. Not only does this west London neighbourhood have the eclectic Portobello Road Market and a starring role in Hollywood movies, there's a mix of world-famous establishment restaurants, trendy cutting-edge cafes and just about every type of cuisine you can think of ready to deliver straight to you.

With all this choice there's no point sticking with the same takeaway again and again, but if you need a bit of inspiration, here's a few places to check out first.

1. Itsu

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Specialising in Asian flavours with meals that are high in nutrients, low in calories and vibrant to look at, this is a new kind of fast food that's entirely guilt-free.

Their salmon and chicken teriyaki salads with sushi rice are always a great choice. One has poached salmon fillet, miso marinade and muki beans, the other is with chargrilled chicken, peas, green leek, red ginger, fragrant coriander and chives and sesame oil.

Where: Itsu, Notting Hill Gate

2. Primrose Bakery

A local bakery like Primrose – making bespoke handmade cupcakes, layer cakes, hearty loaves and sweet slices – is the envy of all city dwellers.

Their cupcakes are baked fresh every day using quality ingredients, free range eggs and organic products where possible. You can always get the classic carrot, rich chocolate, indulgent red velvet or salted caramel, but make sure to look at what they have on special.

Where: Primrose Bakery, Tavistock Street

3. Salt & Honey

Salt & Honey is a bistro that takes its inspiration from Spain, Italy and France. With not a single freezer or microwaves on site, you know that all of the food is prepared and cooked fresh from scratch. We love the Grilled Romero Peppers they rustle up here, served with a cauliflower and hazelnut salad, tahini and pickled lemon for all of those Mediterranean flavours.

Where: Salt & Honey, Sussex Place

4. Geales

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Since opening in 1939, Geales has been a local favourite thanks to their fresh fish with no frills to hide behind.

All produce comes from sustainable and local sources, and the menu is bursting with everything from light options and to classic dishes. So when you crave your weekly battered fish and chips, this is where you should look.

Where: Geales, Farmer Street

5. The Rum Kitchen

The Rum Kitchen is a Caribbean haunt that focuses on jerk, a Jamaican favourite where meat is rubbed or marinated with a mixture of hot spices. We love the Proper Jerk, where two chicken legs are seasoned to the max and served with rice and peas, crunchy slaw, juicy watermelon, sweet pineapple and jerk gravy.

Where: The Rum Kitchen, All Saints Road

6. VQ

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It wouldn't be London without a 24-hour breakfast nearby and VQ serves one of the best.

Buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup, mixed berries and crispy bacon or sweet nutella is our absolute favourite. And yes, truffled potato chips with blue cheese dip is a perfectly socially acceptable side order for the most important meal of the day, if you ask us.

Where: VQ, Pembridge Road

7. Moor & Hitch

Moor & Hitch brings the low and slow cooking of both South America and the Deep South of the USA to Notting Hill. Naturally aged and smoked beef, halal meats marinated and naturally seasoned by the smoke of the fire – this is a true taste of barbecue.

Try a different burger every day from the smoky Pulled Beef Brisket, with gherkins and jalapenos, to the fire-breathing Louisiana, packing in garlic aioli, caramelised onions, porcini mushrooms and blue cheese.

Where: Moor & Hitch, Queensway

8. Sadaf

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Sadaf serves authentic Persian goodies that are light, healthy and flavoursome. Their fragrant rice, succulent marinated meats and freshly baked naans are as good as anything you'll find in Iran. But don't get started on them without sampling their homemade dips, with yoghurts, garlic, chilli, mint and herbs.

Where: Sadaf, Westbourne

There are loads of resturants ready to come to you in Notting Hill. Explore them now on Deliveroo.

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