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The UK’s Best Pizzas

The best pizzas in the UK

No one does pizza quite like Naples, it's the birthplace of everyone's favourite food after all. But we're certain that the UK's best pizzerias could hold their own in a pizza cook-off with some of Italy's finest.

To showcase the nation's best Neapolitan and NYC-inspired delights, here's our guide to the UK's best pizza places.  

Purezza, Brighton

It turns out, you can reinvent the wheel and that's exactly what the chefs at plant-based pizzeria Purezza have done. Because nobody should be without pizza, Purezza swaps traditional dairy cheeses with their own cashew and rice-based cheeses made in house, so you get deliciously creamy mozzarella without the moo.

Peter Pizzeria, Leicester

Peter Pizzeria will be like a pilgrimage for Leicester City Fans – the team all visited the restaurant during their Premier League-winning season. But if football's not your bag, these pizzas definitely will be. Their aptly named Queen Margherita is the epitome of a Neapolitan classic – just a simple but delicious tomato base, with mozzarella, basil and a drizzle of olive oil.

Basement Browns, Royal Leamington Spa

When travelling around Italy and the US, Basement Browns discovered that local pizzerias are more than just a place to get a slice of the good stuff, they're also the place to hangout. They've channelled that mentality of living and breathing pizza into their joint in Royal Leamington Spa, serving up perfect hand-stretched, stone-baked pizzas with a side of chilled out vibes.

Crust, Liverpool

Crust pushes the pizza boundaries, by putting their own spin on Italian classics. If you're craving a peppery Diavola you won't be disappointed. But for a photogenic pizza with a dark and brooding black vegetable base, zingy capers and the salty punch of anchovies, give the Black Siciliana a bite.

Manny's Pizza Deli, Newcastle

Manny's Pizza Deli brings the New York neighbourhood pizza hangout to Newcastle. You can order their colossal pizzas by the pie or by the slice to sample a true taste of the Big Apple. Each pizza – from the creamy mascarpone topped Brooklyn White Pie, to the meaty Harlem Breakfast – is inspired by NYC, so you can create your own local pizza joint just north of the Tyne Bridge.

Major Tom's Social, Harrogate

Some days just call out for a craft beer and a pizza. Major Tom's Social in Harrogate serves up real ale and craft beer, with a commitment to keeping a large portion of their drinks menu local to Yorkshire breweries. But it's the pizzas you came for – these stone-baked circles of joy are topped with traditional Italian ingredients, like 'nduja and punchy gorgonzola, to vegan-friendly cheese-free options.

Brick Pizza, Norwich

Brick Pizza perfects their craft by focusing on pizza and pizza alone. Their hand-thrown dough is the perfect platform for rich tomato sauce, torn mozzarella and a delicate drizzle of olive oil – or 'liquid gold' as they call it. Expect a fragrant hit of herbs and smashed garlic that conjures up all the flavours of the Mediterranean.

Ply, Manchester

Who doesn't want their pizza wood-fired in a clay oven that looks like a disco ball? Ply flashes their pizzas for a mere 90 seconds, in a mirror-tiled oven imported from Naples, to achieve a crust that's perfectly puffed-up and lightly blistered on the edges. For a truly seasonal slice of Ply's pies, the Salami of the Week pizza is a must-try.

Fat Sam's Pizzeria, Plymouth

We bring you some of the biggest names on the food scene, but we also connect you with some hidden gems, just like Fat Sam's Pizzeria. This top secret pizza joint is available through Deliveroo and serves up toppings from the traditional to pizzas with a twist. Make sure you keep a look out for their weekly Facebook Specials.

900° Degrees, Manchester

Taking a detour from Naples, 900° Degrees' pizzas take their inspiration from the founder's travels in California. The pizzas are customisable with unlimited toppings before being flash fired for just 90 seconds. The result; an ultra-light, ultra-tasty pizza pie that's all your own creation. Pizza perfection.  

The Italian Corner, Perth

Perth's longest running restaurant The Italian Corner has been dishing up a taste of Italy to Scotland for over 30 years. With all the charm of a family-run restaurant, their pizzas and calzones stay true to their Italian roots. You'll also find a few surprises on the menu for good measure though, like the Macgregor pizza – the self-professed Scotsman's hangover cure, topped with Bolognese sauce, mushrooms and peppers.

Dough, Manchester

Dough's creative flavour combinations put a bold stamp on the pizza scene, with creations like English Breakfast and Surf & Turf. There's also a great variety of vegan, veggie, dairy free and gluten free pizzas on the menu to make sure no one misses out. Purists needn't be afraid however, because they're called Dough for a reason – all their bases are made and stretched in-house, after starting life as a bag of 'oo' flour, olive oil and yeast.

From a Naples classic, to an NYC pie, there's a whole world of pizza to discover on Deliveroo. Go on, take a slice.

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