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Birmingham is the Best City for Pizza

Why Birmingham is the BEST city for pizza

Birmingham has some incredible nightlife, and it goes without saying that pizza and a great night out often go hand in hand. If you're looking for some of the best pizza that the UK has to offer, Birmingham is the next city that you need to add to your list. Here are our picks:

1.The Plough

Known for a "villagey vibe" right in the centre of the city, The Plough, Harborne, offers a cosy dining experience. Although their brunch, small plates and mains options are absolutely delicious, their pizza offerings is where they truly come into their own. With a modern twist on classic favourites, you will simply be spoilt for choice. Their nduja, mascarpone, rocket, sun-blushed tomatoes and chilli flakes pizza is a fiery option that will set your palette alight for all the right reasons. Of course, these flavours burst equally whether you dine in or at home, making it the perfect choice to order for a special treat.

2.La Galleria

Fresh, Italian, aromatic... What's not to love? Luckily, La Galleria brings you delights that offer all three. Pasta, pizza, risotto and more make this Ethel Street establishment as good as it gets. Cheese lovers will especially love their quattro formaggi pizza (four cheese, to the non-Italian speakers), made with a mix of mozzarella, fontina, scamorza, gorgonzola, and emmental cheese. Each pizza is lovingly crafted and then cooked in their authentic oven all the way from Modena, Italy. And, for dessert? You can even get a Nutella pizza.

3.Casa Italia

"Casa" means "house" in Italian, which is fitting, because you'll want to make this place your new home! Ideal for everything from family gatherings to romantic evenings for two, this place is bursting with character and atmosphere. The food is amazing, too, which makes it ideal for ordering in. Their extensive menu will leave you ummming and ahhhing, but you know what? You can't beat a good classic. The pepperoni pizza gets an extra special kick thanks to red and green peppers, and it's everything you need to really make the dish stand out. With an abundance of sides, desserts and starters to choose from too, you're never going to feel hungry.

4.Ponte Di Legno

Delicate flavours, plenty of herbs, and fresh produce, directly emulating Italy. Is your mouth watering yet? Because ours sure is! Ponte Di Legno offers some of the most authentic and truly tasty pizzas and pastas around. Vegetarians and meat eaters alike will appreciate their efforts on the Primavera pizza especially, with its rich tomato and mozzarella base complete with an array of chargrilled vegetables with rocket salad, as well as feta cheese and oregano to finish it all off. This one's perfect for sharing, because who could say no?


Offering diners plenty of contemporary options when it comes to things to eat, Crust - as the name suggests - does especially well when it comes to pizzas. Each of their wood-fired pizzas is a special creation of its own, and they can all even be made into Calzones at your request. The establishment's "Field" offering is veggie-friendly and uber-garlicky, meaning that the flavours are bound to hit the spot. If chestnut mushrooms, confit garlic, rocket, mozzarella and ricotta are your jam, this is definitely one you'll want to order.

From absolute classics through to quirky new, modern delights, you'll find the pizza you've been craving on Deliveroo!

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