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  2. Skip The Flight! Grab A Gooey Philly Cheesesteak Here In The UK
The Best Philly Cheesesteaks In The UK And Where to Find Them

Skip The Flight! Grab A Gooey Philly Cheesesteak Here In The UK

When it comes to American dining, little compares to the delicious delight that is the American all-time favourite: a Philly Cheesesteak. Packed to the brim with tender slices of steak drenched in melted cheese, this one is a real showstopper! You may think it's impossible to find a proper cheesesteak away from the American East Coast, but they're closer than you think. To help you in your quest, we've put together a list of the best Philly Cheesesteaks the UK has to offer. Don't hesitate to order one up for a cheesy night in.

1. Philly Cheese Steak with Coleslaw - Hooters

As one of the most iconic restaurants in America, Hooters comes to Nottingham and brings with it their all-time favourite classic American recipes. Starting off our guide is their very own Philly Cheese Steak with Coleslaw – a sandwich guaranteed to hit the spot. Featuring tender, thinly sliced strips of steak atop a warm loaf of hoagie bread, a heaping of crisp onions, crunchy green peppers, mushrooms and a glorious layer of melted provolone cheese, you just can't get any better. Set your sights on this absolute must-try from Hooters and enjoy a Philly cheesesteak in its truest form.

2. The Original Cheesesteak Sandwich - The Liberty Cheesesteak Company

Presenting London's very own authentic cheese steak restaurant, The Liberty Cheesesteak Company. Offering the best of the best to those seeking a true Philly Cheesesteak experience, 'The Original' consists of tender slivers of rib-eye steak stuffed between fresh hoagie bread slices. Their version of this classic is topped with Wiz – a local cheese void of any additives or colouring to ensure you get the most authentic and delicious taste with every bite. A local twist on the transatlantic classic, this gem will instantly have you craving seconds!

3. Double the Philly Super Dog - Primos

Inspired by the glitz and glam in American-cuisine, Primos prepares some of the most impressive super dogs, burgers and milkshakes you can find in Leeds. Taking their own approach to the art of Philly flavours, Primos features a hot-dog/cheese-steak fusion entitled Double the Philly. A massive beef hot dog is layered with steak cuts, fresh peppers, onions and drenched in everyone's favourite American creation, Cheez Wiz. They serve it all wrapped up in the ultimate soft white loaf to produce a wonderful variation on the average cheesesteak. Caution is advised when ordering The Philly as it's just so incredibly indulgent (and gigantic). It's no surprise that everyone loves Primos' heavenly super-dogs.

4. Double Bacon Philly Cheeseburger - Real Dog Saloon

Introducing authentic Kansas-style cooking to London locals, Red Dog Saloon cooks up some of the biggest, baddest and tastiest sandwiches in town. The Double Bacon Philly Cheeseburger is a gorgeous monstrosity fit to cure those cheesesteak cravings. While not served in the traditional hoagie bread, this cheese steak burger encompasses the classic flavours of a Philly steak with a unique Kansas twist. A stack of Philly steak strips over two 6-ounce chuck steak patties, applewood smoked bacon and a final layer of American cheese are the key to producing this loaded bad-boy! Ensuring double the satisfaction with every unforgettable bite, the Double Bacon Philly Cheeseburger is an absolute must-try for any bacon-lover.

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