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  2. If you’re craving the oriental, Asian cuisine has some amazing ways with pork belly
Five Asian dishes starring perfectly cooked pork belly

If you’re craving the oriental, Asian cuisine has some amazing ways with pork belly

They say that some of the least glamorous cuts of meat are the most tasty and when you sink your teeth into a beautifully unctuous and yielding piece of pork belly it's hard to disagree. It's the star ingredient of so many oriental Asian dishes and there are plenty of places to enjoy it in the city. And it's not just London's Chinese restaurants that specialise in cooking it low and slow. It's a big favourite in Vietnamese and Japanese cuisine too as our five lip-smacking options prove.

1. Crispy Pork Belly Sandwich - Kêu!

At Kêu! you'll find a true fusion of French and Vietnamese cuisines and nowhere is it more obvious than in this tasty treat. Nestling inside a baguette from the famous Sally Clarke bakery you'll find a sumptuous mix of soft belly pork with crispy crackling, hoisin sauce and daikon, a mild oriental radish. There's also coriander, cucumber, spring onions and, to add more than a little kick, some fresh chilli too. It's certainly not your average lunchtime sarnie!

2. Twice Cooked Pork Belly - Oriental Gourmet

How do you get pork belly to be even more meltingly tender than ever? Simple. You cook it twice - at least that's the technique that they've perfected down at Oriental Gourmet. Then, when it's reached a state of pure perfection they slice it and stir fry it with hot pepper, black beans, spring onions, mushroom and chilli. Enjoy it with a side of their Fried Rice with Vegetables and it's a dish that more than earns a place on anyone's Chinese food bucket list.

3. Sumo Pork Teriyaki - Yo! Sushi

There are few dishes quite as comforting as a sumo bowl from high street favourites Yo! Sushi and top of the leaderboard for them must be this beauty. Tender slices of belly pork are dressed with a teriyaki glaze that's sweet, salty and rich in umami flavours. It also comes with a soft boiled egg on the side whose yolk simply adds to the deliciously sticky sauce. To finish this dish off, it's all served on a bed of perfectly steamed rice.

4. Szechwan Double Cooked Pork Belly - Pearl Liang

Double cooking for extra tenderness is also the order of the day down at Pearl Liang but this time it's done in the Szechuan style. This means there are also tender leeks and crunchy bamboo shoots all served in a rich sauce that's one of the most authentic you'll find this side of the Great Wall.

5. Pork and Goji Berry Dumplings - Zing Zing

They may be a starter, but what a way to begin a meal! When ordering this from Zing Zing you'll get five perfectly steamed dumplings in the classic shumai style, which are filled with beautifully-cooked pork belly and topped with a tangy goji berry. Just think how well fruity apple sauce goes with pork and multiply it by ten!

It's the pork that's the talk of the town. So why not treat yourself to an amazing taste sensation today, brought to you by Deliveroo?

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