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For the Best Mother's Day Macarons, London is the Place to Be

Make Your Mum’s Day With Macarons London-style

It'll soon be with us - that day of the year when we all get our chance to show mum just how much we love her and appreciate everything that she does for us. So along with the flowers and the card, why not treat her to a box of something special? Not chocolates, but the finest macarons London can provide.

There are plenty of dessert takeaways that offer super-scrumptious macarons, and you'll enjoy the pleasure of seeing her face light up as she opens the box. It really will make mum's day! So which one should you pick?

1. Heart Macaron Box - L'Ochidee Westfield

First stop is L'Orchidee, where there's a true treat in store. As you'd expect from a place that is undoubtedly a boutique patisserie, their macarons come in a very pretty heart-shaped box. There's a variety of favourite flavours in the selection, including Ferrero Rocher, Red Velvet, Salted Caramel and more, so it's sure to include all of mum's favourites. They also come in boxes of 12 or 16 – but if you really want to show how much you love her, why not treat her to a magnificent 35-macaron tower instead?

2. Macaroon Box - Vital Ingredient

At Vital Ingredient, they don't just want you to enjoy their sweet treats, they want them to positively enhance your life. So you can look forward to putting a real spring in her step and a sparkle in her eye when you proudly present these little beauties. The colourful collection is in an array of bright and vibrant shades to glitter like little jewels and taste simply divine. There are also plenty to go round because, as Vital Ingredient say, sharing is caring.

3. Choix de Macaroons - Les Douceurs De La Tentation

Even the name Choix de Macaroons makes them sound like absolutely the favourite gift pour maman. They're just as fine as everything else that you'll find on the menu at Les Douceurs De La Tentation - so rest assured they'll hit exactly the right note. There are a dozen mixed flavours, all with a distinctly French style to them so they're yet another winner from this hidden gem of a restaurant.

4. Chocolate Caramel Brownie - Essence Cuisine

Of course, not all mums are macaroon fans so we thought we'd give you at least one alternative that's also sure to see her beam with joy. The guys down at Essence Cuisine have come up to a cracker of a brownie that would surely be the star in any high tea at home. Raw cacao ganache, medjool caramel, and salt all the way from the Himalayas make this an unexpectedly exotic treat that's also 100% vegan and gluten-free. Could you possibly want anything more from a brownie?

5. Assorted Macaron Box - Dominique Ansel

Our final port of call is at the famed patisserie Dominique Ansel, which promises exquisite macarons made with the finest almond flour to achieve a texture that's light, crumbly and yieldingly chewy too. Choose a box of 5, 9 or 18 and the flavours you'll find inside could include coffee, strawberries and peanut butter caramel. In one word, perfection!

Is all this talk of macarons making you think they'll be the perfect Mother's Day gift? Then just leave it all to Deliveroo.

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