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If You’re Craving Pie And Mash, Check Out These 6 Beauties

Looking For The Perfect Pie And Mash? Give These Six A Bit Of A Bash!

There's something about pie and mash that makes an irresistible treat. It's also got to be the ultimate comfort food to lift the spirits whatever the time of year. There's something about the way that you break through the crust and the gravy seeps out into the mash that is nothing short of sublime. But let's not forget that pies have also earned an esteemed place on the dessert menu too so you'll also find one of these featured on our six-day pie plan.

1. Monday – Chicken, Leek and Bacon Pie

Let's start the week off with a true classic and a giant amongst pies, from Mother Mash. Not only does it feature all the fillings as advertised in a crisp pastry shell it also comes with a tangy and cheesy mash too. Then, to cap it all, there's an onion gravy that soaks the whole delicious dish with a richness that you can't fail to love.

2. Tuesday – Pulled Jackfruit Pie

If Tuesday's the day when you decide to give veganism a go, you're in luck. The jack fruit is a popular alternative to pork and at Pie and Ale it's given a Cuban makeover with the addition of spices like cumin and smoked paprika along with lime zest and kidney beans. It's so very good we don't think you'll miss the meat even for a second.

3. Wednesday – Pie It Again Sam

From the sound of it, you might expect this to be a homage to American carb-fests, but you'd be wrong. Pie and Vinyl celebrate all things musical with their pies and this one is produced in association with the Pias record label. It's packed with chorizo, brussel sprouts, chestnuts, rosemary and a good glug of sherry. Cheers to the midweek pie!

4. Thursday – Steak and Ale Pie

Nearly at the weekend and, to celebrate, treat yourself to another classic from The Westbourne. It's got the lot for you. Tender chunks of prime steak: check. Rich ale gravy: check. Puff pastry topping: check. Plus, on the side there are fresh garden peas to go towards your five a day. If all Thursdays were as good as this it would definitely be our favourite day of the week.

5. Friday – Saag Pie-neer

Friday night is curry night and luckily Pieminister have just the dish for you. It's like the most beautiful Indian side dish you've ever had, but in a pie, with spinach, paneer, spices, potato, chillies and peas, plus some mango for a sweet touch. Bring on the gravy and don't forget the naan bread too!

6. Saturday – Toffee Apple Pie

Take a stroll down to Piebury Corner any Saturday and you won't just find that they're dedicated Arsenal fans and British Pie Awards winners to boot. They can also turn their hands to a pretty mean dessert pie too. Take a look at their Toffee Apple Pie, for example. Deliciously gooey toffee filling is paired with tangy apple to devastating effect. It's a sure fire winner for us.

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