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If You’ve a Taste for a Moroccan Tagine, Here’s Where to Find One

If You Want To Rock Some Moroccan Favourites, A Tagine Is A Great Place To Start

Almost every country in the world has its own kind of stew. It's a classic way to use cheaper cuts of lamb and other meats and render them to tender, luscious loveliness by gentle, slow cooking. Moroccan cooking does this with its tagines, which is in fact the name of the pot they're cooked in. Earthenware and with a lid that acts like a little chimney to let the steam out, it's a method that goes back hundreds of years. And it's still very popular today, not just in Moroccan but in Lebanese restaurants too. So here are four great ways that you can enjoy a taste of some traditional middle-eastern fare.

1. Chicken Tagine With Apricots - Moroccan Sahara

As welcome as an oasis in the heart of the desert, this offering from Moroccan Sahara is the perfect way to start our rundown. It's cooked in the traditional style in this family-run restaurant and the result is a treat for the taste buds. The sweetness of the dish is heightened by plump apricots and the classic Moroccan spice, cinnamon. It also comes with a side of couscous, perfect for absorbing the luscious sauce. For some even more exotic chicken tagines, you could also sample their versions with dates or tfaya sauce.

2. Kufta Khush Khush - Awa Grill House

Of course, it doesn't always have to be a tagine that brings out the very best in Moroccan or Lebanese cooking. Take the Awa Grill House's Kufta Khush Khush. It's a great example of how grilled food can be a real treat too. They take two skewers of deliciously spiced lamb mince that have been carefully marinated and cook them over charcoal. Along with the accompaniments of rice or chips and salad it's a meal that's certain to satisfy, however hungry you are.

3. Lamb Special - Petra Grill House

We've got a treat for you at a restaurant very well known for their traditional Lebanese starters, but where you'll also find some pretty good mains. One of the true star turns is the Lamb Special, in which Petra Grill House, or Lyalena, promise to steep chunks of prime cut in their own secret sauce for many hours before putting it on the charcoal grill. The result is a smoky and savoury treat, tender and succulent inside. We'd say that it's very special indeed!

4. Lamb Tagine With Sultana And Almond Couscous - The Mallard

Let's end like we started – with another classic version of the Moroccan lamb tagine. This time it comes courtesy of The Mallard and it's a rare treat indeed. As well as the lamb that almost melts in your mouth after long, slow cooking, the couscous that accompanies it is also something to behold. Studded with sultanas and crunchy almonds, there's also a fresh side serving of mint yoghurt to add more than a touch of creaminess.

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