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Delicious dips to go with your Greek food

Five of the best dips in Greek cooking

You know when you order Greek food that your taste buds are in for a treat. Not only are the main dishes usually packed with interesting flavours and textures, but they are made even better with the addition of tantalising spreads and dips you can have on the side.

Here we showcase five of the best Mediterranean dips you can order as a dish in their own right or alongside your main dish from any of the Greek restaurants working with Deliveroo.

1. Dill and lemon yogurt

If you like your dip to have a tangy and refreshing edge, then the dill and lemon yogurt at Camden's Kalimera which comes with many of the different mains on the menu is the one to go for. It's paired with smoked hummus on the Chicken Souvlaki Wrap and makes a perfect complement to the succulent kebab meat and the flatbread it's served in. Dill and lemon yogurt is also one of the options with Kalimera's Salad Box. If lemon's not your thing, there's always the mint yogurt or green hummus to choose instead.

2. Tzatziki

If you were asked to name a classic Greek dip, the chances are that alongside hummus, you'd also mention tzatziki – the cooling cucumber and yogurt mix.

Although each restaurant will make tzatziki to their own specific recipe, the usual ingredients include salted and strained yogurt, diced cucumber, garlic, oil, and lemon juice, along with herbs such as mint or dill. In Greek cooking, tzatziki is also served as a mezze in its own right, as well as an accompaniment to other dishes. Tzatziki appears in The Real Greek's dip selection and is a popular choice alongside other favourites at the Westfield restaurant, such as hummus, taramasalata and melitzanosalata, made with pomegranate seeds and tahini.

3. Spicy feta dip

Perhaps less well-known in the line-up of Mediterranean dips that go with Greek cuisine is tyrokafteri spread - a spicy feta cheese dip. At The Athenian in White City, it's a combination of spicy feta, red peppers and strained yogurt. Loading fingers of pita bread with tyrokafteri is a great way to begin any Greek meal. If you're not convinced about whether you'll like tyrokafteri, there are the classic choices of tzatziki and or a melitzanosalata, made with aubergines, garlic and lemon on the starter menu too.

4. Hummus

Hummus is something that most of us have in our fridges these days as a handy snack when we need one, but the supermarket version is a world apart from the hummus made in-house by a Greek restaurant! Perhaps the number one Greek food dip, hummus appears on almost every Greek or Mediterranean restaurant menu. Made from a blend of chickpeas, garlic, olive oil and tahini, the great thing about hummus is that it complements so many different flavours. No matter what you order, a bit of hummus on the side only serves to enhance your taste experience. At The Hellenic Eatery in Cardiff, it's a standalone starter dish but could also be ordered as an accompaniment to any of the mains or a portion of pita or chips!

5. Hummus & Guacamole Bowl


At London's Hummus Bros, the whole menu is built around the edification of hummus. Yes, it's a dip, but at Hummus Bros it's also the main event! To enjoy hummus in all its glory, choose from the Hummus Bowls menu, where each dish features hummus and its accompaniments rather than the other way around. Our top pick is the Guacamole bowl where you get a bowl of house-made hummus and guacamole and two pittas to eat it with.

Whether it's to go with your chips or pita, or to enhance enjoyment of a Greek main, Deliveroo can bring the dip of your desire to your door!

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