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From Rainbow To Salt Beef, These Bagels Make The Perfect Lunch

Enjoy A Rainbow Bagel? You’ll Be Over The Moon With This Selection

What are you doing for lunch today? The same old sandwich, or a maybe it's going to be sushi for a real treat? It's awesome, but you had it yesterday. Why not take a completely different path? One that's filled with colour and exciting new flavours. That's right: we're talking the rainbow bagel, as well as its slightly less psychedelic cousins. They've been a staple on American takeaway menus for years so isn't time you took the plunge too? Think of them as a sort of savoury doughnut but much better for your health and filled with these incredible tasty fillings.

1. Rainbow Bagel with Salmon and Cream - Rinkoff Bakery

Let's start off with the Rinkoff Bakery. After all, they've been working their magic bagel-wise since 1911 so they should know a thing or two about it. In more recent times the rainbow bagel has become one of their signature bakes and we defy anyone not to smile when they have this for their colourful lunch. The deep filling of smoked salmon and cream cheese just makes the experience even more sublime. And, if you really want to taste the rainbow, we suggest that you go large for a truly satisfying midday treat.

2. Chicken Schnitzel Bagel - Pastrami King

It could be that you're looking for a really substantial bagel experience to see you through the day. In which case Pastrami King will be able to treat you royally with their amazing Chicken Schnitzel Bagel. They coat a prime chicken fillet in breadcrumbs and deep fry it to crispy perfection before introducing it to a freshly-baked bagel. But it doesn't end there. Next, they cover it with their own special Russian sauce and melted Swiss cheese. Guess what! It's one of the most popular items on their extensive menu. Try it yourself and you'll soon see why.

3. The Bronx - New York Deli

Walk up to any lunch counter in the Big Apple and you'll find them serving bagels just like this beauty from the New York Deli. In a cuisine where heavy loading is the name of the game, here's a prime example. There are two kinds of sliced meat, turkey and salami, plus Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and ranch dressing. To say that it's a real handful just wouldn't do it justice. If this is what they enjoy in The Bronx, Manhattan had better watch out!

4. Salt Beef Bagel - Harry Morgan

In the 70 years since Harry Morgan first opened their doors in 1948 they've become a true North London institution. Famous for bringing the authentic style of NY diner food over here, the tradition lives on with fantastic examples like this. Along with pastrami, chopped liver and cured ox tongue, salt beef is a classic bagel filling and you can find all these and more down at Harry's. But it's the last in the list that's our real favourite, especially when you add pickles and mild American mustard. Try it and we're sure you'll agree.

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