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The Best Korean Restaurants in London

Korean restaurants in London: 5 of our favourites

The latest and greatest food trend to hit London is an interest in everything Korean. It's about dang time. Bold flavours and health-conscious condiments make Korean food something to savour. Spicy, fermented kimchi is a zingy little superfood, full of that good bacteria we're all keen to get a bit more of in the name of gut health. And gochujang is a sweet red chilli sauce every bit as addictive as sriracha – once you try it, you'll probably be putting it on everything from your burritos to your ice cream (don't judge)! Give London's Korean spots a go and you may never go back to Japanese or Thai.


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Whether you're a total noob or a bit of a Korean food snob, GOGI won't disappoint. The restaurant's name comes from the Korean word for 'meat', and there's no shortage of it at this traditional BBQ restaurant. The stars of the show come hot off the grill. The bulgogi is marinated to perfection, while sizzling galbi short ribs offer wicked bursts of fatty flavour either on or off the bone. You could easily make a meal from the starters alone - crispy pan-fried dumplings, stir-fried glass noodles and slow cooked pork belly wrapped in cabbage, to name a few. And let's not pass on the glory of kimchi. Spicy and sour all at once, it will take you down to flavour town. At GOGI, you can get the whole shebang with a trio of cabbage, radish and cucumber kimchi.


Capably headed by celeb chef Judy Joo, Jinjuu specialises in a modern take on traditional Korean street food. French fries get a bit of attitude with kimchi, and burgers are made from bulgogi beef with smoked pancetta jam. If you haven't tried Jinjuu's Korean fried chicken yet, it's time to step up and live your best life. This isn't your everyday Colonel Sanders nonsense. It's battered and fried to golden-brown perfection, dished up with soy sauce spiked with gochujang chilli and a side of pickled radishes. Bliss.


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How do you like your bibimbap? Top it with tofu, beef or seafood at Bibigo. This mixed rice dish is served sizzling hot, topped with an egg, seasonal veggies and a spicy sauce. Mix it all around to enjoy Korea's fresh and healthy take on fast food. Bibigo's part of a global family of restaurants with locations everywhere from Tokyo to LA, bringing traditional recipes to the hungry masses. Chow down on grilled beef tacos and seafood pancakes, or swap your usual crisps for moreish seafood snacks.

Bo Drake

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So you're definitely ready to demolish some Korean food, but you sort of want Thai too, and you maybe could do a few chicken wings on the side. Who you gonna call? The fusion-tastic Bo Drake. This modern East Asian eatery combines all the sticky taste sensations of an American BBQ with the sweet, pickled flavours of Korea. Saddle up, because it's going to be a wild ride here. We're talking bulgogi sliders with miso mayo and kimchi and ricotta dumplings. The Applewood-smoked, miso-glazed baby back ribs will have you crying with gratitude at the modern culinary exchanges that made this meal possible.


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Cah-Chi's vast selection of starters provides the perfect introduction to your meal. Vegetarians can order small plates like pan-fried courgettes, crispy handmade veggie dumplings and stir-fried vermicelli noodles. The smoked duck breast sings in a zingy orange sauce, and seafood lovers are taken care of with teriyaki octopus balls and deep fried soft shell crab. But this is just the beginning at Cah-Chi, with its BBQ meat selection, stir fries and noodles both fat and thin. Traditional Korean never looked so good.

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