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Four Inspired Italian Takeaway Options in Edinburgh

Four inspired Italian takeaway options in Edinburgh

According to the University of Edinburgh, the city's streets are some of the most cosmopolitan in Europe. From turrets of the castle, down Princes Street and across Charlotte Square, Edinburgh is awash with cultures, tastes and flavours from the world. As you'd expect, the cuisine scene around the city is equally diverse. However, one style of cooking stands above most and that's Italian.

Sure, the sun-kissed shores of the Amalfi coast might seem a million miles away when the Scottish winter starts to bite. But, with a scroll and a click, there are a plenty of dishes to warm the soul right here in Edinburgh. So, where would mama recommend you eat if you want to sample the best Italian food in Edinburgh? Well, here's a quattro feast from our favourite delivery hotspots in Edinburgh.

1. Quattro Zero

Nestled in between two restaurants, it's easy to miss Quattro Zero if you don't know what you're looking. However, despite its diminutive façade, this Italian restaurant is like the Tardis inside and by that we mean it's big on everything.

From flavour and portion sizes to value, Quattro Zero aims to capture the spirit of homemade Italian cooking. For those wanting the perfect delivery dish, Ravioli ai Porcini is a must. Each parcel is stuffed with the finest wild Porcini mushrooms and chunks of creamy cheese before being finished off with another helping of cheesy sauce and a burst of tomato freshness!

2. Bar Italia Ristorante

What's an Italian without dessert? Well, if your sweet tooth is calling for a taste of Italy, Bar Italia is perfect. Yes, if you're a fan of pasta but don't want any meat, we can't recommend the Ravioli Melanzane e Provola highly enough (or the haggis ravioli if you fancy something unique). The combination of creamy aubergine and smoked mozzarella is complemented perfectly by tangy bites of parmesan.

However, if you really want to sample the best of Bar Italia, scroll down to the dessert menu. Gelato is this venue's speciality and Copa Fabbri 1905 is the best of the best. Combining vanilla, mascarpone Amarena cherries and balsamic vinegar ice cream, this unique concoction will excite and delight in equal measure.

3. Vittoria

Award-winning and always authentic, Vittoria dominates when it comes to dough. Even if you've toured Scotland and sampled the finest dough balls in Glasgow or the perfect pizza in Aberdeen, save a place in your heart for Vittoria.

Aside from giving you the option to have 50/50 split of pizza and pasta, this restaurant's Primavera always receives rave reviews. Crafted with the "less is more" mantra that all true Italian pizza makers have, this dish is perfectly fresh and, more importantly, perfectly sized for easy delivery.  

4. Rigatoni's

Our final pick in this top Italian delivery restaurants in Edinburgh is Rigatoni's. Although this place is often seen as the perfect pre-theatre venue, our delivery team means you can enjoy Rigatoni's Pasta Della Casa on your own stage. As we all know, children can often be the most honest critics, but read the reviews for this place and you'll see that even the Pasta Della Casa has them stumped.

Although the combination of beef and mozzarella might not sound like much, that's the beauty of this dish. Italian cooking is all about simple, fresh ingredients speaking for themselves - and that's what this option does. If you're looking to sample something new but don't want to overburden your palate, Pasta Della Casa from Rigatoni's is perfect.

Edinburgh's Little Italy is big on flavour, but sampling the finest dishes doesn't require a big effort. By using the Deliveroo network, you can have dishes like mama used to make delivery direct to your door.

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