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The Best Indian Restaurants in London

The best Indian restaurant in London: 5 contenders

You want Indian food, and you want it now. But with everything from homey street food cafes to Michelin-starred hotspots at your beck and call, choosing a restaurant in this town can be tricky.  Here's our pick of London's top Indian restaurants, when you're ready to go above and beyond the usual Brick Lane curry.


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With the capable hands of Kerala-born Das Sreedharan steering the ship, Rasa first opened in 1997. Farm-fresh ingredients are given an extra helping of TLC at Rasa, and you can really taste the love that goes into each dish. The menu's southern Indian specialties positively vibrate with fresh curry leaves, chilies and ginger. Think you've tried it all before? If you're fancying something out of the ordinary, the 'Moru Kachiathu' is a sweet and sour curry made from green bananas and sweet mangoes. Add in a side of zesty lemon rice and you'll be whisked away to the tropical beaches of Kerala.


India meets Sri Lanka in the extremely enjoyable menu selection at London hotspot Hoppers. The flaky layers of Hoppers' roti flatbread is oh-so-buttery and oh-so-delicious when used to scoop up a fragrant Tamil okra and plantain curry. Can't get enough? It's perhaps even more amazing when stir-fried with asparagus, mushrooms and paneer. Feel free to go wild with the chutneys, available in a trio of coconut, tomato and freshly ground coriander.  

Motu Indian Kitchen

The team behind Hoppers are quite the busy bees about town. Owners Karam, Jyotin and Sunaina Sethi also run Trishna (but we'll get to them in a minute). They're keen believers in the fact that you really can't have too much of a good thing when it comes to killer food. The Motu Indian Kitchen is the Sethi's Deliveroo-exclusive takeaway, dishing up top quality masalas like a boss. Their feast boxes really hit the spot when you're craving Indian with all the trimmings – your main meal comes dressed to the hilt with pilau rice, pappadums, mango chutney, kachumber raita and naan.  

Calcutta Street

Seasonal, locally-sourced ingredients are prepared with Indian flair at Fitzrovia's Calcutta Street. This is the place to go for comforting, home-style cooking. Order from the 'family classics' section of the menu and you'll be treated to rich lamb curries or steamed seabass. These dishes have been passed down for generations, and they're well worth lingering over on a lazy Sunday. For a snappy snack, chow down on street food favourites like phuchka. These spicy potato-filled semolina balls are dunked in tamarind and mint, for knock-your-socks-off flavour.


With a Michelin star and a Mumbai counterpart, Trishna's got major foodie cred. Fish, meat and vegetarian dishes are given equal consideration here, so it's a safe bet when you're ordering for a picky crowd. Everyday ingredients are given exotic makeovers. Your basic potato is transformed with fiery Himalayan mustard, while standard pilau rice is gussied up with wild mushrooms and truffle oil. The Tandoori prawns are a show-stopper, laced with palm vinegar and spiked with red chillies. Let's be real, nothing about Trishna is ordinary.

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