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  2. Taking the chapati and naan from side dish to centre stage
Taking the chapati and naan from side dish to centre stage

Taking the chapati and naan from side dish to centre stage

One of the fantastic things about Indian cuisine isn't just the flavoursome range of curries on offer, it's the equally awesome side dishes that you can order too. And, of these, it's the breads that many of us love more than anything. Brilliant for dipping in the rich curry sauce or as an alternative to rice they add that all-important carb element to the proceedings. But lots of Indian restaurants take it a step further and turn them into tasty treats in their own right. From the humble chapati to the magnificent naan, we've taken a look at five different stars who deserve their time in the limelight.

1. Halloumi and Tomato Chapati, Kula  

If there's a cooler way to enjoy a chapati than the ones on offer at Kula we've yet to find it. Their version's like a Greek, Indian and Italian pizza with meltingly soft halloumi cheese and fresh tomato all on the traditional unleavened bread base. For an even more exotic chapati try out the Aloo Methi which is a classic combo of spiced potatoes and fenugreek.

2. Peshwari Naan, Holy Cow

The Peshwari Naan that they serve down at Holy Cow certainly hits the sweet spot in more ways than one. It's a great big, soft bread that's made with yoghurt and filled with sultanas and nuts. Though it sounds like it might be more of a dessert, its super-sweetness makes it the perfect accompaniment to one of their spicier curries like the Chilli Lamb or the Murg Magalore.

3. Keema Naan, Khan's

The Keema Naan from the famous Khan's is a legend among curry devotees. It's almost a meal in itself stuffed with minced lamb, green chillies, coriander and an aromatic array of spices. They even make the bread themselves and bake it to soft and fluffy perfection in their own tandoor ovens. So whatever else you're planning to order, make sure you leave plenty of room for this doughy delight.

4. Lachcha Paratha, The Red Fort

Another of London's most famous Indian restaurants, The Red Fort in Soho is equally renowned for the celebrities that it attracts. One of the reasons that they head there must be to enjoy the Lachcha Paratha. This is a special layered bread from the north of India. The simple flour and water dough is rolled, coiled and flattened before being shallow fried and served with ghee. Sounds simple, but it's absolutely delicious.

5. Missi Masala Roti, Bombay Palace

They're street food specialists down at Paddington's Bombay Palace and their Missi Masala Roti is just the sort of tasty treat that you'd be able to pick up freshly made in India. The healthy whole-wheat dough is spiced with fenugreek, chillies, ginger and mint. It's a thin, flat bread which is just perfect for rolling round pieces of their Murgh Tikka to create a spicy, herby wrap.

Go on. Spice up your next curry with a delicious bread or two. There are plenty to choose from when you order through Deliveroo.

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