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Best Healthy Burger Options to Scoff on a Diet

What If we told You - You Can Eat Burgers On A Diet?

Burgers have a bit of a bad rep when it comes to healthy eating; they're not exactly everyone's first diet choice! While that may still be so, there are so many variations on burgers these days that you can actually make them far healthier than you might expect. Yes, they're not salads (that's for sure) but with a few simple shakeups, they're nowhere near as naughty as you might actually think.

With the rise of American takeaways, thankfully, we are being given far more options. It's no longer a patty and cheese shoved between two pieces of bread! In fact, many restaurants who've made a name for themselves - sometimes literally - from meat, burgers, and BBQs, are now opening their minds and their customer's mouths to vegetarian options and an array of exciting, healthy toppings.

1. BBQ Jackfruit - The Diner, Southern Fried Seitan

Want something completely vegan from your local burger joint? Your prayers have been answered - here you go! The Diner is serving Southern Fried Seitan, the vegan equivalent to fried chicken - but that's not even the star of this burger; nope, that comes in the form of BBQ Jackfruit instead. Did you know that it tastes exactly like pork but it's one of your five a day? That means you can chow down on something naughty and actually feel nice afterwards. It's served with maple syrup and waffles (so it's authentic) but also with veggie slaw and a fruit garnish, too (which totally means it's healthy). Remember, sometimes cutting out meat is a health achievement in itself.

2. Raita Sauce - The Meating Room, Chiswell Green Burger

For a restaurant named after meat, The Meating Room sure does have a healthy attitude to vegetarian burgers. The Chiswell Green Burger is just one of many vegetarian choices on their menu but we think that you'll especially love this one. Featuring a falafel patty, gem lettuce, beef tomato, and a red onion, it's packed to the brim with veggies so you'll hardly realise you're eating a burger; that is, until you feel the pure satisfaction that only a great burger can bring! It may well be the raita sauce topping that makes it so unique though. This is made from natural yoghurt, which is proven to help digestion, high in calcium and vitamin D. Coupled with the vitamins in cucumber, it is definitely the healthier option to mayo.

3. Curly Kale - Portabello Restaurant Bar & Grill, Black Bean & Sweet Potato Burger

This one's a real winner and, unless you've been living under a rock, it's not hard to see why.Portabello Restaurant Bar & Grill know exactly what's popular and so using key ingredients like sweet potato, black beans, and even crispy kale and aioli in this concoction ensures that it's always in demand. So why crispy kale?  Well, it's low in calories, high in fibre, it has zero fat, and it's loaded with vitamins and nutrients. Plus, black beans are a super food so extra (vegan) brownie points. This burger has the perfect combination of ingredients if you ask us - and bonus points for the addition of superfoods... in a burger - yessss!

4. Peanut Butter - Hache, Steak Louisiana

Peanut butter... on a burger? And a steak one, at that? Now, we know what you're thinking. How on earth is the classic steak burger ever going to make it on to a "healthy" list? Because at Hache, you can have it your way! And, if your way happens to be on a bit of a health kick, then you can have it on a green salad instead of a bread bun. And that's not all. You still get the salad that would have come inside it anyway - and the sauce. In this case, it's peanut butter sauce, which is known for its antioxidants and disease-fighting capabilities. All of the good stuff, none of the carbs. Best of both worlds!

Why is it that the idea of takeaway has us shuddering in fear when it comes to eating healthy? These days, you can eat as healthily (or not) as you want by ordering your own choices here at Deliveroo.

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