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4 Winning Ham and Pineapple Pizzas In Bristol

Ham and Pineapple Pizza Fan? Try These 4 Top Varieties In Bristol

Some purists might disagree, but for lots of us, there is just one winner in the hotly contested category of 'Best Pizza'. It's not the mighty Margherita or the formidable Four Seasons. It's not even the cheeky Capricciosa. It's the humongous, heartily delicious Ham and Pineapple!

There's something about the way that the savoury meat melds with the sweet pineapple to create a taste sensation. Now, we don't know if they really serve them in Hawaii but we do know that there are plenty of places in Bristol that do. Here are four of the very best of them.

1. Swineapple - No.51

When it comes to ham and pineapple pizzas, the Swineapple from No. 51 is in a class all of its own. Not only is it lovingly hand-made and cooked in their traditional wood-fired oven, the toppings are top notch too. First, they put on baked Black Forest ham, famous for its rich and savoury flavour. Next, they add the sweetest, juiciest pineapple to create the perfect contrast of flavours. So forget your fancy pasta dishes and hold off on the hamburgers. If you're looking for a true taste sensation, this one's swinishly hard to beat.

2. Yours - Pizzarova

If you like your pizza tailor-made, then Pizzarova should suit you very nicely indeed. They're already building quite a reputation on the Bristol scene for their super thin and crispy sourdough bases, and when you choose their Yours pizza it's up to you to customise it how you want. So the ham and pineapple is a given but what you add to it is up to you. If you want to add a little heat, pile on the chilli peppers. If you can never get enough cheese, ask for extra mozzarella. Plus there's great news if wheat's not your thing. There's even a gluten-free base.

3. Hawaiian - The White Rabbit

You'll be in Wonderland when you enter the world of The White Rabbit. But, unlike Alice, it won't be a tea party you're going to -  it's going to be a pizza extravaganza. All the pizzas are stone fired to perfection here and their Hawaiian has all that you could ever hope for and more. There's ham, pineapple, rich tomato sauce and even a sprinkling of parmesan. So make sure that you're not late for this very important date.

4. Hawaiian - Amici Pizzeria Ristorante

Proof that when something's simply right, there's no need to change a thing. Amici Pizzeria Ristorante's classic Hawaiian doesn't try any clever stuff. It doesn't need any fanfare. It just delivers great quality ham and pineapple on a bed of excellent tomato sauce and oozing mozzarella. In fact, it's so good it might even bring on some spontaneous hula dancing!

If you can't wait to get your hands on an epic ham and pineapple pizza, you know what to do. Just ask Deliveroo.

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