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  2. Turn Your Home into a Taverna with Southampton’s Top Greek Eateries
Home to Taverna: Southampton’s Top Greek Eateries

Turn Your Home into a Taverna with Southampton’s Top Greek Eateries

Two thousand years of ships sailing in and out of Southampton's ports has brought an eclectic mix of cultures into the city. From exotic cars to people, the city's docks have helped Southampton become a cultural melting pot where foreign imports have found a home. In among this blending of ideas and innovations, Southampton's culinary scene developed its own vibe. As cooking skills and palates from around the world have sailed into town, a smorgasbord of options has blossomed.

Today, Southampton's finest eateries offer a nod to the city's shipping roots but also a restaurant scene that can rival the rival the scents wafting out from the Big Smoke. In amongst this menu of tasty morsels, Mediterranean flavours abound. In fact, if you yearn for the sweetness of baklava or the smoky taste of perfectly grilled souvlaki, Southampton's top eat outs have got you covered.

Sure, you could fly to the nearest Taverna or head to London and sample the capital's finest restaurants, but why bother when Southampton is home to some great Greek eats. Covering the full spectrum of traditional dishes, our dynamic duo of Greek takeout restaurants in Southampton will have you smashing plates with joy.

1. The Real Greek: Harbour Parade, SO15 1DE

When you want traditional Greek dishes like dolmades and lamb kefte, The Real Greek is the real deal. However, the reason this place should be top of your delivery list is for its fusion flavours. By combining the best old-school cooking techniques with some local traditions, The Real Greek has come up with some clever dishes that even the most experienced palates will love. The souvlaki wrap with chips is one of our personal favourites. After choosing pork belly, lamb kefte, loukaniko beef or something less meaty like halloumi, tahini and chips are added to the mix.

Of course, if you want to keep the two elements apart, you can. However, in our opinion, wrapping these two together will give a combination of flavours that meld two traditions in a single bite. If that wasn't enough of a fusion, the meat pie is another top treat. Taking the humble British pie and adding in a traditional northern Greek recipe, this meaty, cheesy concoction is simply perfect.

2. Lemoni Grill House: East Street, SO143HH

Across the city centre from The Real Greek is our second top pick, Lemoni. To start, you'll want to sink your teeth into Lemoni's lahmacun. Perfectly crisp on the outside but soft in the centre, this minced lamb dish leaves a light meaty coating on the tongue that sets you up for the Adana kebab. What's fantastic about this dish is that it's backed by a tomato-infused rice that brings a burst of freshness to the kebab's smoky tones. If that wasn't enough, homemade giaourtlou (tomato and yoghurt sauces) adds another layer of depth to this classic.

Once you've chomped your way through the main course of grilled delights, the bougatsa will bring a sweet end to your Lemoni experience. After filling paper-thin layers of filo pastry with a homemade bougatsa cream, this dish is baked in a traditional Greek oven to create crisp balls of creamy sweetness.

Finally, and this is the last drizzle of honey on your Greek eating experience, all of this can be delivered directly to your door. By scrolling through Deliveroo, you'll be able to experience the best Greek dishes in Southampton from the comfort of your own home without having to set sail from the local docks.

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