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4 Fantastic Ways To Use Feta In Greek Food

If We’re Talking Greek Food, No Cheese Is More Feted Than Feta!

Let's celebrate feta! For fans of Greek food, it's undoubtedly the king of the cheeses. It's tasty, it's versatile and it's even a little more healthy than some cheeses that we could mention. Plus, just one taste can transport you to a sunny taverna in Greece with memories of unforgettable holiday meals.

The really good news is that there's no need to go all the way there to enjoy it. There are plenty of Greek restaurants here who give it a prominent place on their menus in a whole variety of ways. In mezes, salads and even as an ingredient in hot dishes, feta's versatility really starts to shine through, as you're about to discover.

1. Mpifteki Stuffed With Olives And Feta - Epirus Mediterranean

For the uninitiated, Mpifteki is a delicious patty of minced beef with a combination of aromatic herbs like oregano and rosemary. At Epirus Mediterranean they have their own special recipe which is made even more savoury and delicious when they add feta and Greek olives to create an exceptionally satisfying main course dish. It's served with chips, salad and bread, perfect for soaking up the rich sauce. Plus, if you're short on time and just want something to grab and go, they also serve their mpifteki in an awesome flatbread wrap.

2. Htipiti Spicy Feta Dip - The Real Greek

The Greeks are just dippy about their dips. But then what could be better than having a pile of fresh pita bread, a bowl of Kalamata olives and a selection of houmous, tzatziki and taramasalata to go with it? A serving of Htipiti is what. Don't worry about pronouncing the name, you can just call it "the spicy feta dip". It combines the creaminess of the feta with roasted red peppers and a good dash of chilli too. It's a speciality of The Real Greek and it's sure to become a big favourite of yours too.

3. Meze Platter, Katsouris

If you're on the lookout for some of the healthiest and tastiest ways to eat, then Greek food is an obvious candidate, especially when it's as delicious as this heavily-loaded plateful from Katsouris, which typifies the country's attitude to food. It's something to be shared and enjoyed and this Meze Platter has more than enough to go round. There's halloumi, olives, stuffed vine leaves, spiced couscous and, naturally, a generous serving of classic Greek salad starring our old friend, feta. Of course, if you're feeling extra peckish you could keep it all to yourself - but believe us, it's great to share.

4. Tyropitakia - The Olive Tree

Almost every nation has its pies and Greece is no exception. In this case, it's a fabulously flaky combination of filo pastry stuffed with crumbled feta and herby mint. Deep-fried to crispy perfection, they make the perfect starter or even a lunchtime treat that's just that little bit more exotic than your usual pasty or a sausage roll!

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