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The Best Sandwiches in London

Best sandwiches in London: 5 of our favourites

Fancy or plain, simple or extravagant, the humble sandwich is one of London's best-loved dishes. There's a massive choice of genre-bending, lip-smackingly good sandwiches on offer in the capital. We've picked out five of the city's most sensational sarnies, perfect for the next time you need a fix:

1. Ham, Egg 'N' Chips, Max's Sandwich Shop

Run by maverick chef Max Halley, Max's Sandwich Shop is one of North London's finest restaurants. They keep their menu short and sweet, just the way we like it. There are four different sandwiches to choose from, each of which brings something different to the sandwich game. The Ham, Egg 'N' Chips, however, is the headline act. Delivering an onslaught of flavour, it's packed to the brim with slow-cooked ham hock, runny fried egg, acidic piccalilli and shoestring fries, all enclosed in soft white bread. For a proper, world-class British sarnie, it's the only option.

2. Smoked Trout Pate Smorrebrod, Snaps + Rye

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For the uninitiated (we suspect that's quite a lot of you), smorrebrod is a type of Danish sandwich. They're open-faced, with piles of tasty ingredients stacked on a layer of dense rye bread. Snaps + Rye makes three types of smorrebrod, each equally delicious, but it's the smoked trout pate sandwich that's really caught our eye. It's understated, simple, straightforwardly Scandinavian and totally delicious!

3. Original Cheesesteak Sandwich, The Liberty Cheesesteak Company

The Liberty Cheesesteak Company is London's Little Philadelphia. They've got one purpose, and one purpose only: to make the Philly cheesesteak a staple of London's sandwich scene. We'd say they're doing a pretty good job of it so far. The choice of Philly jawns everywhere, the cheesesteak sandwich consists of a long hoagie roll, thinly sliced beefsteak and melted cheese. When it's done right, it's so much more than that. Their original cheesesteak sandwich is both authentic and delicious. You really, really can't go wrong!

4. Classic Banh Mi, keu!

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For an innovative Vietnamese take on the humble sandwich, keu! is the place to go. The banh mi, for those who aren't in the know, is a type of soft and fluffy baguette filled with pork belly and other savoury fillings. They're a massive part of Vietnam's street food culture, and now they're making waves in London's sandwich scene. The classic banh mi, featuring spicy pork belly, ham terrine, earthy chicken liver pate and mayonnaise, is Vietnam on a plate!

5. Chicharrón Sandwich, Andina

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Down at Andina, a Peruvian hotspot hidden away in Shoreditch, you'll find the chicharrón sandwich, one of Lima's finest exports. It's super simple – tender confit pork belly with compote ketchup served in a soft bun – but packs a punch that matches up with the very best in London. Moist and flavourful, this is South American street food at its finest.

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