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The Best American Diners in London

American diners in London: 5 of the best

What's better than American diner food? That's right, nothing! Beefy burgers, salty fries, spicy hot dogs and thick milkshakes – when it comes to comfort food, it's the only game in town. We've rounded up a few of the very best American diners in London:

The Diner

Clue's in the name, right? Rootin'-tootin' and big on flavour, this is cowboy food by way of central London. When you can get 20 chicken wings as a starter, you know you're ordering from the right place. The Diner does a fine line in fries, dogs, milkshakes and salads, but that's not why we're here. We're here for the big ticket items… the burgers. Our pick? The Dirty Diner double cheese burger. Two 4oz beef patties, diner burger sauces, pickles, a smooth brioche bun and epically oozy US cheese. We're easy to please.

Tommi's Burger Joint

There's nothing refined about Tommi's Burger Joint, but when it comes to burgers, refined is overrated. They started out as a pop-up, but quickly found a permanent home in Marylebone. When you try their food, you'll see why. There's four different burgers to choose from: classic, steak, veggie and chicken, as well as a kid's option. Trust us, when they taste this good, you don't need much else. Their skinny fries have that salty crunch you've been craving, while their steak burger is legendary pretty much all over the city. Wash it all down with one of Tommi's Burger Joint's classic milkshakes. There's vanilla, coconut, chocolate, strawberry and salted caramel flavour. As if we hadn't been spoiled enough already.

Jamie Oliver's Diner

Jamie Oliver's Diner knows us well. Possibly too well. Give us diner nachos, served with spicy Jalapeño salsa and summery guacamole, and we're happy. Give us pulled pork, cooked for 16 hours with barbecue sauce and house slaw, and we're very happy. Give us Jamie's Insanity burger, and we're ecstatic. It's prime beef pattie, topped off with crispy bacon, bourbon burger sauce, flash pickles and gooey Westcombe cheddar. Jamie Oliver, thank you.

Patty & Bun

USA! USA! USA! For a fine dining take on the classic American diner, head to Patty & Bun. Fun toppings sit atop thick patties, all enclosed in high-quality brioche buns. Make no mistake, the food at Patty & Bun might be all dolled up, but this is down and dirty diner food like you know and love. The 'Hot Chic' chicken burger, featuring marinated buttermilk fried chicken, pickled cucumbers, garlic aioli and spicy slaw is a real triumph. It's a little (well, not so little) package of deliciousness. A patty and bun. When it comes to diner food, that's all you really need.

Ed's Easy Diner

Easy breezy beautiful burgers are the name of the game at Ed's Easy Diner. From Big Bubba's Bacon 'n' Cheese to the Bacon Blues Burger, served with blue cheese and smoky bacon, this is everything we love about American diner food, and more! Oh, and we can't forget their hot dogs. The original comes drizzled with French mustard and ketchup, while the smoked BBQ dog is served with mouth-watering lashings of pulled pork and BBQ sauce.

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