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  2. Amazing mood food for festivals, starting with jerk chicken
Amazing mood foods for festivals, starting with jerk chicken

Amazing mood food for festivals, starting with jerk chicken

Before we know it, the festival season will be with us. So it's time to check you've got a full set of tent pegs and your wellies are still waterproof. And, although there's no Glasto this year, there are plenty of other rocking events going on up and down the country to enjoy. So we've put together a set list of seven great dishes, from jerk chicken to some American favourites, to match the vibe while you're there.

1. Anticipation

When you're looking forward to heading off to a few days of grooves and good times then there's no better cuisine than Jamaican to bring in a little sunshine. So let's get things rocking with a classic version of Jerk Chicken from Little Jamaica. Smothered in chef Terry's very-own-recipe jerk sauce, it's a saucy start to proceedings.

2. Meeting up

So you've got there, unpacked and it's time to get together with your mates to share some good times. But first it's time to share some good eats and these Chicken Wings from Huckleberry's Bar & Grill are the perfect choice. There are seven per serving - so there's enough to go around - and there's the choice of hot and smoky sauces, too.

3. Carb loading

Next, it's time to build up the energy reserves for all the action ahead with a spicy chicken curry courtesy of 4550 Miles from Delhi. The Chicken Malabar is a dish from Kerala in Southern India, so it's flavoured with coconut, tamarind and chillies and it's absolutely delicious. For maximum carb loading remember to order naan and rice!

4. Getting into the groove

When things are heating up and the bands are starting to play you want something that's spicy and easy to eat. Step forward the Marley Mu from MuMu. Named in honour of the reggae legend, it's a pizza with a jerk sauce, chicken, mozzarella, pepperoni, red peppers and jalapenos. Believe us when we say, it's hot! But it's so, so worth it.

5. Rocking on

At Chicken & Blues they're real maestros at preparing some of the tastiest  Chicken On The Bone - bar none. That's because first they marinate it in their own secret blend of herbs and spices and then they roast, steam and barbecue it to intensify the flavours. Enjoy it once and you'll soon be shouting for more.

6. Energy boost

There's always going to be a time when the energy flags a little and you'll need a bit of a lift. What could be better than some bite-sized Chicken Goujons, especially the way that Craft Burger make them? Crunchy, delicious and served with garlic mayo, they're the business.

7. The party's over

As the final encore fades away these are the ideal way to raise the mood. The Bottle of Sauce's Cluck Bites are tasty morsels of buttermilk chicken that come with spicy chipotle mayo - but if you feel you need a hotter chilli hit then their Angry Wings should hit the spot!

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