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Best Egg Dishes You’ll Find In London

Can’t get un-oeuf: it’s our fave egg dishes in London

What with the utterly sublime news of the Creme Egg Café popping up in Soho, we thought we'd give you the lowdown on some of the best egg dishes about.

What came first, the chicken or the egg? Who cares, they're both so freaking tasty.

Nduja, Black Pudding & Pork Belly Hash, Bad Egg


If you're feeling like a shell of a man/lady, you really need to get yoke self to Bad Egg. With an egg-heavy menu featuring the likes of Black Pudding & Pork Belly Hash with Crispy Potato and Fried Egg, these eggs got sass.

Bombay omelette, Dishoom

Feeling a little spicy? Yes, us too. Get a bit of a kick from your eggy delights with some of Dishoom's enticing fare. How about the Bombay Omelette with chopped tomatoes, coriander, green chilli and something exotically named Fire Toast? Or keep it simple and guurrrd with an Egg Naan Roll.

Duck egg en cocotte, Duck & Waffle


Get your goo on with Duck & Waffle's absurdly indulgent Duck Egg En Cocotte with wild mushrooms, gruyere, truffle and soldiers. Golly that sounds lovely now doesn't it? Better not schedule any movement for the rest of the day though.

Huevo Criollo Scotch Egg, Ceviche Old Street


Behold, Ceviche Old Street's Huevo Criollo Scotch Egg made with Burford Brown egg, quinoa, Sangrecita sausage and Rocoto sauce. Yep, we know. Astounding.

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