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4 Breakfasts for egg lovers in Liverpool

The best eggs in Liverpool - We're not yoking either...

If there's any city that does breakfast well, it's Liverpool, with an ever-growing gamut of acclaimed breakfast hotspots, catering to the always-sizeable segment of the population guaranteed to be feeling the aftereffects of a legendary Liverpool night out. Whether you've been dancing the night away on Seel Street or wailing to Merseybeat classics down on Matthew St, you'll more than likely be needing a delicious dose of protein the morning after, meaning you'll need some eggs. Luckily the city has you covered, with more places to grab a hangover-busting breakfast than your stomach can handle. Here are the very best eggs in Liverpool, and where to find them.

1. The Mighty Moose from Moose Coffee

One of the most popular diners in the city since its arrival way back in 2006, Moose is the prime choice when you're looking for a gut-busting serving of American-style breakfasts. One of the dishes that are most popular with the fiercely-loyal clientele is the Mighty Moose, a towering combination of sizzling potato hash with onion, garlic and dijon mustard, topped-off with a couple of "Moose-style" fried eggs and with juicy slices of back bacon, served up on thick granary toast, all for £7.00. Like its counterpart in Manchester, this place serves breakfast all day long, meaning you can enjoy this one no matter how late you peel yourself out of bed.

2. The Super Scramble from Fit Food Shack

If you're feeling something a little more nutritional, your best bet is the Fit Food Shack, otherwise known as one of Liverpool's most popular health-food takeaways, billing itself as a "nutrition hub" for the city. For the ultimate protein fix, make sure to order their "Super Scramble", which consists of four free-range eggs scrambled with spring onions, feta cheese and tomatoes, which you can choose to have with or without the yolks. Definitely the best option if you're looking to do some serious bulking after, and for £3.95 you really can't go wrong.

3. Huevos Rancheros from Our Kitchen

Any list detailing the best egg dishes could never be complete without the endlessly comforting Mexican staple that is Huevos Rancheros, with the best ones in Liverpool being found at Our Kitchen, a clean-eating focused café which is equally acclaimed for its juice cleanses as it is for serving up seriously impressive breakfasts. Their take on this Latin classic is made up of black beans, roasted peppers and onions, cheese avocado puree, and blackened tomato salsa served up on a crispy tortilla with two baked eggs. The one to pick for those looking for a little spice kick in the morning.

4. The Bakchich Full Breakfast from Bakchich

For those seeking out some Middle Eastern flavour in their breakfast, Lebanese street food stalwart Bakchich is undoubtedly the place to go. Well known for their legendary shawarma, this place also serves up exotic breakfast spreads for incredible value. To get the full experience, try the "Bakchich Full Breakfast", which features Foul Mudammas (mashed fava beans), Sumac eggs, Zaatar tomatoes, Merguez sausages, Lebanese potatoes and Arabic bread, all for just £7.00. Definitely the best bet for those seeking a little excitement with their breakfast.

Regardless of whether you're an early bird or prefer a long lie-in after a fun night out, you can get the best breakfasts in town without ever leaving your bed by ordering from Deliveroo!

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