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Great Glasgow Dough Balls That’ll Make Your Day!

Why Dough Balls Make Everyone’s Day a Better One

Of all the different starters and snack foods out there, one thing has to reign supreme when it comes to being the definition of comfort food. The humble dough ball may not look that exciting, but whenever you order a portion of them and take that first bite into the soft, warm, freshly baked little balls, you get a feeling of happiness and good vibes about the world.

A batch of dough balls can brighten up the dullest of days, and make all your worries melt away just as the heat of the dough melts the garlic butter you're dipping it in. Everyone loves them too; they're a starter for people of all ages and a great option if you just want a taste of something to share before you move onto your mains.

Glasgow has plenty of restaurants that make great dough balls and these can be enjoyed eating in or delivered to your door, whenever you're in need of that pick-me-up feeling a dough ball can bring.

1. Pizza Express

When you ask anyone to think of where they'd order dough balls, it's likely that one restaurant name would be called out more than any other. Pizza Express's dough balls are ones that everyone is familiar with, and with good reason. These doughy balls of perfection have always featured on the Pizza Express menu, and now you can also get them gluten-free.

The classic choice is Dough Balls 'Pizza Express', which come with garlic butter to dip them in. However, if you've got someone to share them with, Dough Balls Doppio might be the wiser choice, as you'll get a trio of dips (pesto, garlic butter and pestorissa) and a bigger portion of dough balls.

2. Toni's Pizzeria

At Toni's, not only can you order their award-winning pizza, you can also get a range of bread-based starters including garlic pizza bread, focaccia - a traditional Italian flatbread - and two types of dough balls. Dough Balls come in fives, and are filled with tomato sauce and mozzarella, or tomato sauce, mozzarella and pepperoni.

Alternatively, you can save your dough ball fix until dessert, and order Toni's Nutella Dough Balls. Once you've tried this, maybe you'll never be able to think of dough balls as a starter again. Doesn't this have to be the ultimate in dough ball appreciation?

3. Frankie & Benny's

Frankie & Benny's Italian-American style has been a part of UK restaurant culture for a couple of decades now, and their dough balls comes with two different dips - garlic & herb and spicy cheese. That's why they're called Double Dipped Dough Balls – it makes perfect sense when you know why!

4. Yo! Sushi

While we might generally think of dough balls as being an Italian dish, that's not always the case. So, just to get you thinking about dough balls slightly differently, we've included Takoyaki from Yo! Sushi in our list of Glasgow's best dough balls. These are lightly battered dough balls with octopus, topped with mayo and bonito. Takoyaki is a popular street food in Osaka, so even if you've never been to Osaka, at least you'll have tried one of its most well-known snacks here in Glasgow!

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