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Dim Sum and then some - Just don't forget the dips!

Delicious dips for dim sum - what's your fave?

You really can't fault Chinese food - there's something for everyone. Perhaps one of our favourite aspects is the dim sum, kind of like China's answer to tapas. Little bite-sized bits are served up in steamer baskets or small plates and you'll find all different kinds of treats ready-to-go. Dumplings, bao and many more dishes are served family-style - and they're so small that you can try a bit of everything without going overboard. Don't forget the dips and sauces, though! They finish off the whole thing, really adding a unique spin to each and every piece, so make sure there's one (or more) in your dim sum order - like the ones below!

1. Spring Onion & Soya Dip

Both seafood and tofu are a big deal when it comes to Chinese food, with the latter being used for its taste and not just to substitute meat. These ingredients go down a treat with soya dip, which is why the Steamed Egg White with Soya Milk with Seafood and Tofu works so well from Yang Sing. Manchester has a huge Chinese population and a famous China Town to match, so you know that the food from there is great. The dish is finished off with an amazing spring onion and soya dip. The flavours work so well together that you need to see - or taste - it to believe it!

2. Black Bean Sauce

The menu at Nottingham's Dim Sum at the Mandarin Chinese Restaurant is full of dim sum... obviously! There are some really incredible dishes on there, ranging from steamed pork dumplings to steamed beef balls. But the real show-stoppers that seem to catch everyone's eyes and delight their lips are the Steamed Phoenix Claws in Black Bean Sauce. Of course, phoenixes are mythical creatures - in Chinese cuisine, this is just a better name for braised chicken feet. That might seem a little overwhelming, but they're honestly delicious and the sauce is what truly makes them so great.

3. Satay Sauce

Satay sauce means different things to different people - but it always means a good time when it comes to a chicken dish. Newcastle's Master offers Satay Chicken Skewered which comes with a healthy helping of satay sauce. Typically you'll find that satay sauce contains peanuts, but there's so much more as well. From garlic to soy sauce and even chilli, this one packs a real punch!

4. Smoky Orange Sauce

You'll find great Chinese takeaway options all over London, but if you're really on a quest for an intriguing array of dips, you'll find that Ping Pong is the right place. Their Dipping Sauces range from sesame to sweet chilli, hoisin through to fish sauce - but our fave has to be smoky orange. It's a well-known fact that orange goes super well with duck and, thanks to a variety of duck-based dim sum on the menu, you'll be choosing your dim sum to go with the dip rather than the other way round.

If you love dim sum, you're going to love the dips we have here on Deliveroo.

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