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Get Maximum Brownie Points When you Serve Brownies for Dessert

The Perfect End To Your Next Dinner Party? The Perfect Brownie, Of Course!

You've thought about the starter and you've nailed the main course. But what kind of dessert is going to send your guests home giving you a "Come Dine With Me" perfect 10? Well, rather than prepping a pavlova or tinkering with a trifle, how about going for broke with a brownie? These rich and tasty treats are just the right side of indulgent. And if you're really going for it, why not add a scoop or two of ice cream or a dollop of crème fraiche too?

There are plenty of dessert takeaways that are experts in the art of brownie making and who, undoubtedly, will be more than happy to oblige. Whether you own up to your guests that you've bought in or claim that it's all your own work, we'll leave to your conscience to decide.

1. Brownie Scotch Cream Eggs - Brownie Heaven

The adverts used to ask "how do you eat yours?" and at Brownie Heaven, the answer is "in a scotch egg." It's a beautiful invention that they devised themselves by surrounding a Cadbury's Cream Egg with brownie mix and dusting the outside with biscuit crumb. The result is surely one of the most indulgent desserts you could serve – with a big surprise waiting for your friends when they discover just what's at its centre.

2. Brownie Explosion - Heavenly Desserts

Heavenly Desserts promise to wake up your taste buds with their sensational Brownie Explosion – and that's exactly what they'll do. It's made using the most indulgent chocolate fudge brownie recipe to be gorgeously gooey and exquisitely rich too. This chewy treat uses only the best Belgian chocolate to create a sublime flavour with more than a hint of decadence. But if you think that a glorious cake might be more the sort of pudding to wow your diners, never fear. Heavenly Dessert sells a great range of cakes to too and their What's Fudge Got To Do With It cake is a real menu favourite.

3. Gluten Free Brownie - Pirlo's Dessert Lounge

The perfect host or hostess always takes their guests' dietary requirements into account, so it could be a good idea to check out your gluten-free options too. One of the best brownies we've found that's sure to go down well with the wheat-intolerant comes from Pirlo's Dessert Lounge. The flour-free treat even comes smothered in gluten-free chocolate sauce that creates an even more sumptuous dessert. Alternatively, another gluten-free highlight of the menu is their Almond Cake With Peanut Caramel. Just one slice is never enough!

4. Chocolate Fudge Brownie - My Lahore

They've recently come up with a new recipe for their Chocolate Fudge Brownie at My Lahore - and it certainly is a winner. Every brownie is hand-crafted by their expert bakers in the kitchen using the very best ingredients. They also come with vanilla ice cream or cream to add an extra level of luxury. Serve these up as your dessert course and you're sure to get plenty of return invitations.

Brownies are the perfect way to round off your next dinner party, especially when Deliveroo is your waiter for the night.

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