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Bulk up for breakfast

Bulk up for breakfast

It's here. The decider we never truly believed we would get. Every player putting on that legendary red jersey on Saturday will tell you, preparation is key. Whether you're hitting the gym after the match – or you need something to lay the groundwork for a morning pint – we've put together eight of the country's best nutrient-rich, Deliveroo-ready breakfasts. Get your orders in in time for kick off!

1. Protein Pancakes - The Skinny Kitchen (Canterbury & Bournemouth)

Skinny Kitchen's pancakes are made with PHD protein, and topped with crunchy organic peanut butter, fresh banana and strawberries, chia seeds, bee pollen and mint – these pancakes would get any prop's seal of approval. Get these beauties in Canterbury or Bournemouth.

2. Vegan Banana Waffle - Core Collective (Clapham, London)

Possibly the healthiest waffles you can ever hope to find! Buckwheat waffles with cashew butter, chia jam, bananas and berries give you that rare combination of super delicious, healthy and dessert adjacent. A+ for the guys at Core Collective for this one!

3. Avocado and Eggs - HUS (Liverpool)

Get your avocado and Eggs from Scandi spot HUS. They might not play much rugby in that part of the world, but they know how to pull together a hearty, healthy, warming breakfast. If the first test goes the way of of 2005, you might need a bit of hygge to get you through the next 80 minutes.

4. Eggs Benedict - Sugar Junction (Manchester)

When you're looking for protein, you can't beat an egg. Ok, you know what we mean. Sugar Junction's are served up with crispy bacon, lashings of Hollandaise and a brioche bun. Fill your boots!

5. Avocado Smash & Streaky Bacon - Jamaica Blue (Cambridge)

Avocado is a great source of healthy fatty acids to go with your protein rich eggs. Jamaica Blue's are topped off with bacon and sourdough toast – it's the Sonny-Bill Williams of breakfasts – classy as hell with some serious weight to back it up.

6. Top of the Morning Smoothie - Pure & Raw Juice Bar (Leamington Spa)

As well as being the number one annoying thing to say to an Irish person, the Top of the Morning smoothie from Pure & Raw is the best fruity, healthy, gluten free way to start the day. With blueberries, banana, oats and cinnamon.

7. Superfood Smoothies & Avo on toast - The Juice Pharm (St. Albans)

A world of healthy day-starters is your oyster at The Juice Pharm. Superfood smoothies are the perfect accompaniment to any combination of avocado and sourdough or rye bread.

8. Rawnola - Farmacy (Westbourne, London)

For those who want their breakfast the way mother nature intended, Farmacy's Rawnola is a seriously healthy option! Sprouted buckwheat granola and fresh fruit served with housemade tigernut milk. Hard to imagine the day getting you down after that!

If you don't live in one of the areas mentioned above, don't worry! If breakfast is available in your area then head over to Deliveroo and stock up for a huge day of rugby! Go on the Lions!

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