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Perfect porridges for the best breakfast ever in London

Looking for the perfect porridge? Look no further than London.

When you want to give yourself a flying start to the day it's time to dive into a big bowl of porridge oats. They're packed with good things and also very filling. Plus lots of London's best breakfast takeaways are really starting to push the boundaries when it comes to making their porridge dishes more interesting and healthier than ever before. So check out these five great choices and start the day with a real highland spring in your step.

1. Porridge with Blueberries, Honey and Toasted Seeds - LEON

We may have been told to fuel our mornings with eggs but here's a hearty bowlful that will see you through the toughest of mornings better than any omelette could. The oats are 100% organic and come topped with some of the plumpest blueberries that are also full of fantastic antioxidants. Sweetness is provided by raw honey, also organic and a seed mix adds more than a little crunch. Plus, if lactose isn't your thing, it's a breakfast that can also be enjoyed dairy free with cashew milk instead. It all adds up to yet another winner from LEON.

2. Decadent Porridge - Coco Di Mama

Who says porridge has to be a simple breakfast without any frills? Not Coco Di Mama, that's for sure. If you want to luxuriate in decadence then here's the perfect choice for you. It's a sumptuous mix of banana, honey, dark chocolate and caramelised pecan nuts. We think that it's best served on a silver salver to push the indulgence to the max, but you'll have to provide that for yourself.

3. Hot Date - Oatopia

It's no surprise that it's all about the oats down at Oatopia so get yourself a hot date with their porridge of the same name. Honey, dates and fresh banana come together in a marriage made in heaven with a generous sprinkling of cinnamon on top. Or, if you fancy a truly different kind of porridge, then their Carrot Cake version with syrup, raisins and walnuts too will do much more for you than just help you to see in the dark!

4. Coconut & Chia Porridge - Pure

Pure are at the leading edge of the capital's artisan fast food movement but that doesn't mean that breakfasts like this shouldn't be savoured slowly. Rolled gluten-free oats are steeped in coconut milk and superfood chia seeds are added to create a real vegan treat. You can enjoy it on its own or with a selection of toppings – it's all up to you!

5. Oat & Chia Porridge - Whyte & Brown

Chia seeds make another appearance in this loving bowlful from Whyte & Brown, and why not? They're packed with goodness and provide a crunchy contrast to the cinnamon and bananas that also feature. Plus there are whole toasted pecans and a generous dollop of honey just to sweeten the deal. Beautiful!

Porridge gives you the perfect start to your day. And when it's brought to you by Deliveroo it's going to be even better still!

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