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  2. Want a beer with your burger? Brighton’s restaurants have you covered!
The Best Beer and Burger Combinations in Brighton

Want a beer with your burger? Brighton’s restaurants have you covered!

When you're in the mood for a burger, you obviously have to have a drink to go with it. While a Coca-cola might be the classic choice, there are times when only a beer will do! Just like a Coca-cola, a beer provides a refreshing contrast to the greasy decadence of a burger and packs that extra punch that can truly elevate the meat.

If you want a thirst-quenching beer to enjoy with your burger, we've rounded up the best beers in Brighton that can be ordered via Deliveroo.

So worry not! There's no need to stop off for some beers on the way home from work, or make sure you already have them cooling in the fridge. All you need to do is choose the beer and the burger you want and Deliveroo will bring it all to your door. Here are our best picks in Brighton.

1. Kernel Table Beer

This is a pale ale with a reasonably low ABV of 3%. It's brewed by Kernel and has a hoppy flavour with a delicate hint of malt in the background. This is a beer that sits comfortably with a meal like a burger as it has a lovely aroma but isn't so overpowering that you can't enjoy the flavours of the food at the same time. It's one of the most popular beer choices on the Quaff Wines menu, even though there are plenty of others to choose from.

2. Beavertown Neck Oil IPA

When brewing the Beavertown Neck Oil, the craft brewery Beavertown wanted to create a beer that was crisp and punchy, yet light at the same time. While this is one you can simply swig and enjoy, it's also got extra pale malts at its base and a dry hoppy flavour, so it's eminently easy to drink but still full of flavour. With an ABV of 4.3%, it sits nicely with a laid-back burger and fries meal, and is available to order from Hartley's Wines.

3. Scandinavian 4 pack

Why order just one beer when you can get a four-pack? Makes plenty of sense if you're eating with a friend, or just want to stock up for the evening. The Scandinavian four-pack available at Bison Beer is an ideal option when you're ordering burgers to be delivered. A Scandinavian four pack offers the element of surprise when you order it from Bison Beer - you'll get a mix of Scandi beers which may or may not include Omnipollo (Swedish), To Ol and Mikkeller (both Danish).

4. Bill's IPA

Originally, India Pale Ale was brewed in the late 1800s for the Brits in India, well-suited to refresh thirsty folk in the sun. That goes for Bill's IPA today, but it's also a great brew year-round. At Bill's restaurant, they get their beer and IPA brewed for them by Adnams brewery. Bill's IPA is a perfect partner to any of the burgers you'll find on a Bill's menu. It's an American-style session IPA that has a hint of citrus lurking in its light, golden depths.

Will one of these beers make a perfect match for your burger? Don't take our word for it; give one of them a try and order now with Deliveroo!

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