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  2. Don't fancy a boring beer? Here are some other beers you can pair with your curry
Britain's Best Beer is Yours for the Drinking this Summer

Don't fancy a boring beer? Here are some other beers you can pair with your curry

Up and down the UK we're preparing for a summer of watching the World Cup. Whatever your plans, chances are that somewhere along the way they involve a takeaway and a beer. But sometimes you have to find the right one or you won't be in the mood. If bitter's not for you, a hoppy beer is out of the question. And if you don't fancy your usual tipple, why settle for less when there's so much more out there? Beer and curry go together like thunder and lightning: it's just a given that you'll order both. So, sort yourself an Indian and settle into a beer that'll satisfy you. Even if - heaven forbid - the scores don't.

1. Something to bring out your rebellious streak

A night on the town in Liverpool is a tonne of fun, which probably explains why they've got such a great selection of beers. If you're saying yes to the drink but no to moving off the couch, ordering in is the way forward. BrewDog has got your back, with a selection of beers that you might not find elsewhere. To truly rebel against your usual order, opt for a four pack of Punk IPA. There's a real riot of fruity flavours to explore here with a pleasantly bitter aftertaste. Don't say the folks at this place aren't good to you.

2. Or maybe something from the experts

Liverpool isn't the only location in the UK that knows how to have a good time, so next up it's London. Whether you're a local or spending a weekend in the Big City, you've got to order in a few beers from The Beer Boutique, London's oldest specialist beer shop. As you might imagine, they've got quite the selection of beery treats that differ from the norm. With over 400 beers from all across the world, they've really had to narrow it down to give the best of the best to our site. But you won't be disappointed with the selection - especially if you opt for High Wire, a pale ale hailing from North America's West Coast.

3. What about something a little more fruity?

You don't get much more summery than strawberries, so why not infuse your beer with them while you're at it? Don't worry, the hard work's already done - all thanks to Timmerman's, whose selection includes a beer complete with strawberry aroma. To order this Strawberry special, Manchester residents are in luck. It's available at the Port Street Beer House in Manchester, and it will not disappoint.

4. Or simply stick with the classics instead

Last but not least we've got something brilliant that you can order tonight in Birmingham. You've got some great curry options in the city as it is, so we think pairing one with a light, classic Budweiser Budvar from The Wellington is the way to go. With a golden colour, a super-rich head and both bitter and sweet tastes working in tandem, it's an original for people who aren't ashamed of the fact that they know what they like.

Remember, we're not just about food here. Get the drinks in now from Deliveroo.

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