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Find Your Best Bacon Sandwich on Deliveroo

Bring on the bacon – find your best bacon sandwich on deliveroo

It's the battle of the bacon sandwiches – not really, we love them all equally. The great British butty, or sarnie, is an institution and you'll find your favourite on Deliveroo. Whether you're all about a bap, a baguette or a meat-free BLT, we've got your breakfast, brunch and lunch covered.

the classic one

On the kind of morning when you're not feeling quite yourself, you need a big wedge of a bacon sandwich. We're talking a doorstop of a sarnie, with fluffy white bloomer slices and layers of perfectly pink bacon. To get yours delivered, why not give Polo's Grilled Bacon Classic a go?

the one in a bagel

If you want to give your bacon butty a New York edge, how about getting it sandwiched in a hot, toasty bagel with a thick layer of cool cream cheese? It's a US twist on a British classic – but you don't need to go stateside to pick one up, we'll deliver one for you from New York Deli.

the meat-free one

A BLT is a beautiful thing, and something no one should miss out on. So by CHLOE. has created a meat-free version that vegans and meat-lovers can both tuck into. This one's made with lettuce and tomato – so far, so BLT – then there's creamy avocado and vegan-friendly chipotle aioli. But the really clever bit is the bacon. It's made from shiitake mushrooms that are seasoned and baked until lightly browned – lovely and crispy.

the one with streaky bacon

If you order a traditional British bacon butty when you're out and about, chances are you'll get back bacon – the rounder cut, with more meat and less fat. But there's a lot to be said for a sarnie full of streaky bacon, just like the ones you can get at Vital Ingredient. Streaky bacon comes from the belly, so it's fattier. And when you want extra crispy bacon, fat is your friend.

the one with avocado (and lobster)

Some people love nothing more than a generous squeeze of ketchup on their sandwich, whereas other bacon buffs love slices of fresh avocado to balance it out. To get your bacon and avocado fix, you can have yours delivered from All Bar One. But this butty goes above and beyond, with extra luxurious lobster and lobster mayo to top it all off.

the one in a brioche bun

For those mornings when you want to mix it up a bit, how about swapping streaky or back bacon for pancetta? When this cured Italian pork belly is sliced super-thin and grilled, it goes super-crispy, so you get a lot of crunch in your brunch. PANETTO does this perfectly – served in a buttery brioche and topped with mushroom, egg and cheese.

Remember the "bacon is good for me" kid? That's kind of how we feel. To get your best bacon butty delivered, check out what's cooking on Deliveroo near you.

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