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  2. The magnificent 7 Asian dumplings - From gyoza to dim sum
The magnificent 7 Asian dumplings - From gyoza to dim sum

The magnificent 7 Asian dumplings - From gyoza to dim sum

You'll find dumplings in most cuisines but not many have nailed the art of making them quite as well as Asian chefs. Firstly, there's the variety that you can enjoy from Japan to Thailand -and not forgetting the amazing dim sum from Chinese restaurants, of course. Then there's the choice of fillings that range from meat to seafood and veggie versions too. So, however, you like your Asian dumplings there are sure to be some here for you to enjoy.

1. Chicken and Chive Dumplings, The Good Earth

First stop is at The Good Earth where one of their most popular dishes is Chicken and Chive Dumplings. These tasty little half-moon shaped treats are positively packed with flavour. They also come with a vinegar dip whose acidic sharpness makes the perfect accompaniment.

2. Veggie Gyoza Dumplings, Mildreds

One of London's oldest and most famous veggie restaurants, Mildreds, is where you'll find a barnstorming version of the classic Gyoza Dumpling from Japan. These fantastic little taste explosions contain a medley of veg and also come scattered with sesame seeds, with a chilli and soy dip on the side.

3. Khanom Jeeb, Siam House

Next up it's one of Nottingham's favourite Thai restaurants, Siam House. Though you might not guess it from the name, these are traditional prawn dumplings which are flavoured with Thai herbs and spices and gently steamed till tender. They come with a rich soy sauce to create bite-sized treats that make for the perfect starter.

 4. Steam Dim Sum Sui Mai, Singapore Restaurant

They believe in doing things their own way down at Singapore Restaurant, as their Steam Dim Sum Sui Mai prove. These Cantonese specialities are given a typically modern twist that you're sure to enjoy and with six of the delicious pork dumplings to a serving, they're also perfect for sharing.

5. Pork Dumplings, Wongs Chinese Restaurant

Wongs in Bristol promises to guide you through award-winning cuisine from China's eight different culinary regions. One of the best ways to start your journey is with their classic Pork Dumplings. Light, plump and very moreish, they've certainly earned a place in our dumpling hall of fame.

6. Pearl's Dim Sum Platter, Pearl of the Orient

If you're on the lookout for some superb examples of seafood dim sum then search no further. Pearl's Dim Sum Platter has two varieties of prawn dumpling, one with bamboo shoots and the other with chicken. Along with their char sui buns and crispy duck rolls, it all adds up to a gem of a dish from Pearl of the Orient.

7. Chicken Gyoza, Taberu

Finally, back to Japan for some of the most delicious Chicken Gyoza that you'll find this side of Tokyo. They're served in the time honoured and traditional way by Taberu, namely with a soy and vinegar sauce that perfectly cuts through the sweetness of the dumpling to create a beautifully balanced treat.

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