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  2. An elegant addition - the best of London’s American side dishes
The Best of London’s American Side Dishes for Your Steak

An elegant addition - the best of London’s American side dishes

Ah, decisions, decisions. You have to make hundreds of them every day. But at least deciding what to have for dinner needn't be a chore. However, with the fact that we have access to so many different cuisines and different restaurants that will deliver direct to our door these days, it has become more complex than it used to be.

Say you've settled on eating American food, perhaps. First, you've got to choose which kind of main you're after - maybe a big steak or a rack of ribs, or even some kind of surf and turf option because you simply can't choose between lobster or ribs, your decision-making isn't over! Next, you have to decide what side to have with your main course - and there again, on most menus these days you're spoiled for choice.

Of course, you can always go for the simple side option like chips or a salad, but that lacks a bit of creativity to say the least, especially when there are some really great side dishes waiting to be tried on London's American restaurant menus.

But fear not; we've done the thinking for you and come up with four sides that not only go well with American dishes such as ribs, steaks and grilled chicken, but they're that bit more interesting than the common and garden sides we're almost programmed to choose and they could also add a touch of elegance to your plate.

1. Frickles

What on earth are frickles? You might well ask, but once we tell you, you'll probably be intrigued enough to try them. Frickles are gherkins that are battered and then fried by the good people at the Chicago Rib Shack, and they come with a ranch dressing to dip them in. They make a great accompaniment to any of the mains on the Chicago Rib Shack's menu.

2. Truffle Chips with Parmesan

When you see a dish is named truffle chips, you might naturally assume that you'll get a plate of fried truffle mushrooms. However, that would be way too pungent a dish and, we imagine, exceedingly expensive. In fact, PJ's Bar and Grill truffle chips are chipped potatoes fried in truffle-infused oil, giving them the flavour of truffles without it being overwhelming. Parmesan is scattered over the chips before they're served. This is definitely a step up from your average cheesy fries!

3. Homeslaw

At Homeburger, the beef is aged and comes from free-range, grass-fed cattle. Similar care goes into the sourcing of the rest of the ingredients used in the Homeburger kitchen. The house coleslaw, the Homeslaw is testament to that. This is no pop-the-top on the catering pack of coleslaw. It's freshly-made with white and red cabbage, chipotle mayonnaise and pickle juice.

4. Button and Chestnut Mushrooms

For some reason, mushrooms go incredibly well with American dishes such as ribs and steak. Maybe it's the umami (that's Japanese for meaty or savoury, by the way) taste in mushrooms that complements a meat-based main. Whatever the reason, we recommend choosing the Button and Chestnut Mushrooms at Gaucho as a side for your ribeye or sirloin. They're cooked in a beef fat confit, along with chilli, garlic and thyme - delicious and moreish!

Now we must have helped you make a decision about dinner! Whatever you choose to have, you can order it now at Deliveroo.

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